BAW- Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – What is the luggage of Primitive people when they journey?


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I, your father(1), took the initiative to take a look at your illness, so much that I was planning to alleviate your pain as much as possible. You unexpectedly dare to flip it around and be pretentious?

Don’t want to check then dont check! I’m not even allowed to save you?

I just refuse to let that broken guidebook punish me for this kind of circumstance. If it was really like this… I’ll jump into the bonfire myself and roast into ash!

Yan Mo was also knew clearly, the youth rejecting him was simply because he did not trust him, nothing more.

Right now only Yuan Zhan’s leg hurt. It hasn’t reached the stage where he couldn’t jump, walk or run, but if he had originally had a bad problem, the opposite party wouldn’t be leg hurting problem, rather a problem if he can walk in the future or not.

But… Yan Mo sneered.

You, Yuan Zhan, underestimate me too much. Even if I am scum, I am scum with moral quality. Unless I really can’t cure, otherwise who would let a grand master smash their own reputation?

This time I’ll regard you as a minor, still a small child. For the time being I’ll forgive you, in the future I will make you cry and beg me to treat you!

Searching through the bundle there was nothing else that could be used. The insects Yuan Zhan brought back had an odd appearance. Although the second article about all living organisms in the guidebook was already opened, asking the guide would increase his scum points. Since it was not an urgent or necessary situation, Yan Mo did not want to use this method to gain information at all.

Because Yuan Zhan refused the examination and treatment, in the evening two people ate dinner then went to sleep early.

A primitive society was like this. There was no entertainment and lighting the fire at night was also wasting firewood. For some reason as soon as it was evening many people here would become blind. For this reason as soon as it was dark, if there was no important matter, everyone would pick to sleep early.

Just before sleeping, Yan Mo sneakily opened his right palm to count his scum points.

Not sure if it was because it was responding to his request, or if the guidebook originally had this kind of function. Yan Mo concluded: If there was nothing that he immediately needed to know, the guide would not continuously glow, just every night will compulsively give him a total scum points.

The so-called compulsive nature happened when the moon fell and the moment before the sun came out. At anytime he could call out the guidebook to look at the scum points himself, but if the day transitioned and he still had not looked at the “income and expense” of the scum points, the guidebook would directly show him the data in his head. Didn’t matter if at that time he was unconscious or just started dreaming, and the impression of the data left by it, he would recall the moment he woke up the next day.

Currently his scum points was at a total of: 99,999,882. In total subtracted 118 points.

Eh, this number sounds auspicious. Would Yan Mo be punished this evening by the guidebook in the middle of his sleep.

Yuan Zhan’s sleeping was comparably overbearing. Because the juvenile’s body had not grown yet, he directly straddled him with his big thigh and embraced the entire person to his chest becoming a human radiator. But he was still careful, didn’t bump into Yan Mo’s broken leg.

Yan Mo was pushed down and felt it hard to bear, but at the same time he felt completely nice and warm. Daytime here was hot while nighttime was so cold he wanted to die. Just a rock covered in animal hide was not all that useful.

A night passed without words. The second day, Yuan Zhan got up very early to go salt the meat. He was busy for a bit when the chief sent someone to fetch him. When he came back he determined that they would leave today for the mission of finding a new salt land.

Yan Mo originally was thinking for a long time to prepare a few words. As a result the person’s blank stare told him, his thinking for so long was too much.

Because the only two things they needed to prepare is food and water. The spears you could just pick up and carry on a person. The others? Oh, there was still the animal hide skirts and grass ropes!

“What about a fire?” Yan Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Lie is bringing two pieces of fire starter rocks. But we will not be starting fires outside. Cooking food will attract wild beasts. At night everyone will sleep near each other to keep out the cold.”

“Then the food? Just pack this little bit?”

“This is already a lot, bringing too much will be cumbersome. In addition it hasn’t started to snow, we can hunt prey as we go.”

“What about the covers for when we sleep?”

Yuan Zhan flipped over to ridicule him, “You want to carry two large animal skins on the road? Are you going to carry it?”

“Then when it snows what will we do? You’re not afraid of freezing to death?”

“On the journey we will encounter beasts, just skin them and it’ll be enough. You’re already 14 years old, don’t even understand these things, don’t tell me you’ve never even went out hunting once with your tribe’s warriors?” Yuan Zhan’s expression looked at him like it was unfathomable.

“I’ve only been to places that you can come back on the same day.” Yan Mo was hit by that small blowthat disdainful expression ah!

“No wonder your Yanshan Tribe’s domain got taken over by the Zhi Tribe.” Yuan Zhan’s face had an “if known earlier that you were this easy to snatch, we would have done it earlier” expression to reply.

Yan Mo thought to himself that fortunately he was not an actual Yanshan member soul. Also fortunately he was not a real disciple of the Yanshan tribe priest. Otherwise just relying on this expression, Poisoning your entire family won’t even be enough.

One small animal hide bag filled with salted meat and all of the coarse salt they owned. One wooden ladle used to scoop water, catch rainwater, and beast blood. One spear, a bundle of grass rope, and a couple of stone knives.

This was the luggage meant for two people journeying thousands of miles from home.

No good, absolutely cannot depart with just this!

Yuan Zhan even pulled out the four large animal hides from their luggage, said he wanted to trade it for a spear to the youth.

That big, that intact, so nice and warm, those four animal hides unexpectedly could only be exchanged for one spear? Yan Mo wanted to go crazy. This business transaction must definitely be prevented.

“Idiot, this wooden head isn’t the same. It has the same hardness of the stoneheads but is much lighter than the stone head.” Yuan Zhan felt that Yan Mo had no foresight, didn’t know how to plan.

“This kind of tree is very little, in addition it takes many years for its branches to grow to the length for a spear. Its tree trunk is very stiff, no one can cut it down, can only use the branches. And even if it is very slender it is very hard to grind it straight,making this kind of spear will use up tens of stone knives.If we take these four animal hides instead of the one spear, it can be seen as a very profitable transaction.”

“Thank you science.”

“What are you saying?”

“I said… give me the spear and I won’t even know how to use it. If you determine that these four animal hides will not be used, just give it to me. I have other uses for them.”

The youth was startled, “You really want to carry them?”

Yan Mo did not reply, “In addition, I hope you’ll give me the animal hides on top of our tent that aren’t broken, I also have a use!”

“What exactly are you wanting to do?”

“Want to know? Then stay behind and help me.”

Yuan Zhan had plenty of curiosity, so he stayed behind.

Yan Mo on one hand was arranging all the pieces of the animal hides to determine where to start, on the other hand asked, “Who else is coming with you?”

“You know most of them. Lie, his younger brother Meng, Shan, Diao, Que Ya, also the 3rd rank warrior Bing.”

Yan Mo took a guess that Meng was probably that red date man. Bing that name sounded kind of familiar, couldn’t think where it was from after thinking for awhile. “The guy responsible for giving tattoos to the tribe members, Que Ya, is also going? Why?”

“It was Que Ya who heard the news and asked to go.” Yuan Zhan explained. “Besides he only lost half of his teeth. His hands and feet are still agile, also used to be a warrior and he has a lot more experience than all of us in finding meat. Lie also agreed to let him join.”

“But why does he… isn’t staying in the tribe much safer?”

“Lie said he wants to die like a warrior.”

“Alright. Than what about Bing? Was he also a volunteer? One of your good brothers?”

Yuan Zhan sneered, eyes carried a distinct look of disdain and hatred. “It was a requirement from the chief. The chief said only having one Rank 3 warrior was not safe, wanted us to add another rank 3 warrior. Then he called for Bing. Master Qiu Shi did not consent at first, afterwards the chief took him to talk alone, he then agreed.”

“Wait wait, this Bing and you don’t get along?”

Yuan Zhan was not willing to say much. Yan Mo had no option but to put away this question, but it was a good thing he also did not count on having a good journey, so hearing at this moment that even before starting this journey there would be interior conflicts, he was not too astonished and dismayed.

If this person really turned into the unharmonious factor in the troops…wait until they were out of the village. Only need to give him an opportunity, he was considering to silently kill two people, don’t say that it was very easy, it was also difficult to go anywhere.Then the only thing he had to worry about wasnt his companions or wild beasts, but rather it was if he was able to avoid a punishment from the guidebook.

Not saving someone will punish him, taking the initiative to kill someone will also?

“Why are you asking these things?” Yuan Zhan poked him..

Yan Mo avoided his finger, “A- Zhan, can you ask Diao and Shan to come over? Only if they have nothing to do. Thats right, also call Cao Ting, she is rather capable.”

Yuan Zhan discovered that he really liked being called“A-Zhan” because it was unique.

Diao and Da Shan arrived, including Cao Ting.

Yan Mo asked them if the stuff they needed to prepare was prepared, they all replied that it was already prepared.

Yan Mo let out a “hehe” sound because he could throw the luggage into the tent corner for his stupid master, continued to ask the two what stuff they had prepared.

“Xiao Mo, Zhan said it was  you who called us over, is something the matter? Is it that you wanted us to bring more setose thistle leaves? This you don’t need to worry about, Cao Ting already prepared a lot.” Daio crouched on the floor and asked.

Cao Ting beaming waved her hand.

Yan Mo pointed at the animal skins on the floor, asked, “You all know how to use the bone needle to drill holes right?”

“Yes.” Diao replied squatting, Da Shan simply sat on the floor.

“Do you see the dots I drew out with ash?”

These few people all lowered their heads to take a look.

“Below may you all please drill a hole where the dots are. The holes cannot be too big, as long as this hide straw rope can pass through it is fine.” Yan Mo took out the broken down pieces of hide entwined rope he made when he had time.

“Xiao Mo, what do you want to do?” Da Shan curiously asked him.

Yan Mo smiled, “Saying it, cannot say it clearly, wait till its finished and you guys will understand.”

Seeing that Cao Ting also extended a hand to help, Yan Mo hurriedly went to stop her, “Sister Cao Ting, I have a different issue to bother you with, this thing they cannot do, it needs someone who is careful and patient.”

“My patience is very good.” Diao immediately mumbled.

Da Shan also huffed and nodded his head, “Me too.”

Yuan Zhan did not express anything, but his expression already told everyone present, he had the best patience out of all three of them.

Yan Mo did not pay attention to them, merely asked Cao Ting, “Sister, did you bring any needles on you?”

“Don’t have any on me, I’ll go back and get it. But there is not much thread,” Cao Ting spoke and ran back to her tent to retrieve the needles and came back.

Yan Mo seeing Cao Ting come back with a bundle of grey thread, at once excitedly and rushed over.

Cao Ting was startled by him.

“Sister, this thread how did you make it?” Yan Mo began to pull at the thread, discovered the toughness wasn’t bad, using a bit of strength it did not break.

Cao Ting heard him ask this, at once smiled and replied, “Oh, I was wondering what you were going to ask. This thread was thought up by me and sister He Tu. Isn’t there a lot of prey in the tribe? We also raise a few. We found a few with long hair, cut off their hair, boiled it, learned your weaving method for the straw rope, weaved these hairs together, connect it together and managed to make this lump. But it is very troublesome, we did this for several days and only managed to make this much, and its too coarse and thick.”

“No problem, this thickness is good enough, as long as its durable enough.” Yan Mo was happy, compared to his expected sewing thread, it was better by a lot.

“En, Indeed it’s more sturdy than the horse’s mane or human hair. Xiao Mo, What do you want us to make?”

Yan Mo patted the brain, returned the thread to Cao Ting, “Sister, I would like you to please make a few hide bags, needs this kind of style.” Yan Mo took out a stone and drew on the ground to let Cao Ting see.


  1. Your father: said in a way of anger


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LMSE- Chapter 9


Chapter 9-  Big Darling, Little Sweetheart


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Mama Gu stepped forward, grasped onto Cheng Jinyu’s hand and looked at his face, “You know Tan Yiqing? You also look similar to him, what is your relationship with him?”

“And you?” Cheng Jinyu replied with a question.

Mama Gu spoke, “He was my college classmate. He is the person I really really liked.”

Mama Gu spoke up to here, looked at the tense atmosphere all around, smiled and spoke. “Everyone, there’s no need to be nervous. This is something that happened many years ago.  I’ve already gotten over it.”

“I knew him when I went to high school. During high school he was the most influential figure. Grew up well, had good achievements, personality was good, had self restraint and elegance; there was no girl at our school who didn’t like him.”

“It was because I liked him that I passed the entrance exam for the same university as him. Continued to like him during college, just kept on liking him.”

Mama Gu having spoken to this point looked as though she was recalling the memories of that time. Her face unexpectedly had bit of shyness.  

“Only that type of person, was not someone I could chase after. In our 4th year when we were going to graduate, I confessed, unfortunately he declined. At that time I desperately created a tantrum for a year in my house, so, so my family until now doesn’t dare to mention this person in front of me.”

Mama Gu spoke to here, smiled towards the surrounding relatives and spoke, “I early already let go. Besides he, he, he already early on was at….” Mama Gu spoke to here, eyes unexpectedly became red.

“But, fortunately at that time my parents were worried for me, scared I would kill myself, even more scared that I was insane, urged me to marry my husband. God treated me well. My husband was very forgiving of me, is very good to me. So, so in the end we fell in love with each other.”

Mama Gu smiled and winked at Papa Gu, was just like a little girl. Papa Gu responded by nodding his head, like he was confirming what she said.

Gu Bokai spoke with a bit of embarrassment, “This kind of unrequited love dont speak of it anymore. It was also not a successful kind of unrequited love, saying it in the presence of this many people…”

Mama Gu responded without a care, “Who doesn’t know about this? At that time for the sake of chasing Tan Yiqing, even dragged my father out. Afterward I did not chase Tan Yiqing, creating a good friendship between my father and him.”

Gu Bokai placed his hand on his forehead, honestly did not know what exactly his father liked about his mom.

Mama Gu finished speaking about her situation then spoke, “Jinyu, we are a family. I already told you about my situation clearly, what about you? Are you Yiqing’s…”

“No!” Cheng Jinyu immediately responded. He became aware that his sudden manner was too drastic and explained, “I just heard of him before. I was at the Chen Family for a very long period of time, heard his name many times. He is very excellent,….. Very excellent.”

Tan Liyun had said, your father was very fortunate, the most influential figure at school, was the dream lover of many men and women. He would always be someone removed from the ordinary crowd, he would always be the target of admiration from everyone.

Tan Liyun said, the people who were secretly in love with your father at that time, seeing your appearance today, what will they think? His son was like trash!

Cheng Jinyu already returned to normal, “How could a person like me have any relation to him, there isn’t, isn’t.”

The old man the whole time did not know what they were talking about, only continued to tug on Cheng Jinyu’s hand and cry out, “Yiqing, Yiqing ah.”

Mama Gu responded, “Dad, this really isn’t Yiqing. He is Kaikai’s bride, called Cheng Jinyu.”

Gu Bokai, “Grandfather, he is my wife.”

“Your wife?”

“Yes.” Gu Boaki loudly yelled, elderly man was not able to hear well.

“He’s not Yiqing, the one your mom likes? How did he turn into your wife?” The old grandfather was thoroughly confused.

“He’s not Tan Yiqing, he’s not!” Gu Bokai spoke.

The old man couldn’t understand properly. He tugged on Cheng Jinyu’s hand and drew closer. “You haven’t changed, haven’t changed a bit. Im old now, thoroughly old.”

He, Cheng Jinyu, receiving this old man’s hand, felt as if he could experience those friendly feelings from his father and him during those years.

The old man looked at Cheng Jinyu then looked at Gu Bokai, “Ok, support this marriage!”

Gu Bokai scratched his head, the old man fully could not understand his own words, “Grandfather, this is not Tan Yiqing, not the person mother liked. He is mine, mine.”

“I know, I know, right now is yours.” The old man unexpectedly showed a bit of a smiling expression, “Very good, it’s your mother’s turn to cry.”

Mama Gu right now already wanted to cry, the old man’s heart was genuinely big. Mother’s secret love was married to her son? He could really think this up, who said that his mind was muddled.

The old man towards Cheng Jinyu, “You’re older than Kaikai, will need to yield to him. Little child’s bad temper, don’t lower yourself to his level.”

Cheng Jinyu sneered and replied with a black smile, “Of course, I am his uncle then.”

“Ok you’re his uncle then.”

Gu Bokai felt his forehead ache, a good wife in an instant before his eyes turned into an uncle.

The old man’s health was not good, saying these words hurriedly left.

Mama Gu once again called everyone to sit down and continue with dinner. It was no longer early, everyone carelessly ate and hurriedly left

Cheng Jinyu returned to the room, the top of his bed was completely covered with all the gifts he received today. Cheng Jinyu looked at the key, at the gold card, surprised to discover that there was actually no money.

Cheng Jinyu was annoyed as he discovered, sure enough it was a trap! There was no money, what was the point of these items? He would most likely not go for a beauty treatment, would also not go play golf, no money to go vacation,furthermore ,had no clothes to match this gold watch.

A moment ago he was thinking that these things were invaluable, now Cheng Jinyu completely felt that it had no use.

Gu Bokai opened the door and entered, “Why are you still not sleeping? Weren’t you tired?”

“You came just in time, hurry and take all these things away. So to save me from seeing them and becoming troubled.”

“I take them?They weren’t given to me.”

“Don’t tell me that they were actually given to me.” Cheng Jinyu replied with a frown.

Gu Bokai’s expression sank, “You actually thought that? Don’t tell me that you thought the entire family was putting on a show in front of you? Then when it was over, wanted all of it to be given back?”

“Isn’t it this kind of play?” Cheng Jinyu feebly replied.

Gu Bokai was angry and picked up the long narrow pillow on the bed, ruthlessly smashed it on his head, “heartless thing”, finished speaking turned around and left in a panting rage.

Cheng Jinyu was on top of the bed, the soft bed made him feel very comfortable. His entire body was fatigued and weakly got up.

He recalled his father Tan Yiqing, if he was still alive what would his life be like?

Wouldn’t he be already graduated from college, found a not bad job. Although he wouldn’t necessarily have a car but have a place to live. But would also be like the vast majority of office workers, every day scheduled to work from start to finish. Sometimes weekends would go watch a movie or travel.

Cheng Jinyu’s hand undoubtedly grabbed the SLR camera on the bed, then reached out again to grab; grabbed onto all kinds of gold cards, VIP card. If father was still here, wouldn’t these things have never come into contact with him.

Or perhaps he wouldn’t even need these people to donate, he would have his own. His father was that outstanding, that kind of gentle and soft.

Cheng Jinyu’s entire body shrunk into a ball, dizzily went to sleep.

He couldn’t see his father’s appearance clearly, but his smile was warm and intimate.

He wore a snowy white undergarment, sitting in a chair in the middle of work, little Cheng Jinyu was standing on the side of the chair tugging at his clothes. That person lowered his head and finally saw him. Although Cheng Jinyu could not see clearly his face, but he knew his smile, that kind of gentle and soft, that kind of pleasant warm and cheerful.

From his seat he stood up, squatted down in front of Cheng Jinyu’s face, Cheng Jinyu was too short, he could only kneel on the ground, smiled and rubbed Cheng Jinyu’s soft and fluffy head.

“Darling what’s wrong?” his words were very soft,very gentle, like cotton candy.

“Darling is well behaved, wait a bit for dad, will be done soon.” That person’s body leaned forward, lips stuck onto Cheng Jinyu’s forehead, lightly gave him a kiss.

“Dad is working, darling play by yourself.”

Cheng Jinyu’s hand tightly pulled on his clothes, tightly pull on,refused to let go. Cannot let go, absolutely can’t let go, cannot let this person disappear,

That person unchangedly still gentle and softly smiled, hand stroked nonstop on Cheng Jinyu’s back. His mouth softly spoke, “I know that darling is lonely, no problem, dad is here, dad is here.”

Gu Bokai came out and regretted it, that was his own room, why did he leave? Gu Bokai walked in a few circles outside, finally decided to return.

The inside of the room was very quiet, that heartless person was actually laying down and sleeping on the bed. Didn’t even take off his clothes, definitely didn’t shower. Gu Bokai overbearingly walked over.

Just a moment ago he was prepared to go shout at him again, but Cheng Jinyu’s hand suddenly stretched forward, firmly grasped onto Gu Bokai’s clothes, “Dad, don’t leave, dont!”

Cheng Jinyu shouted out loudly, unexpectedly had a bit of a rare pleading tone.

When Gu Bokai was at Cheng House he had seen all different kinds of Cheng Jinyu: servile, sucking up to those in power, currying favor by obeisance, but he had never seen this kind of sorrowful pleading expression.

The dreaming Cheng Jinyu did not know what was happening, his entire body was curled up and shivering, his hand tightly pulled on Gu Bokai’s clothes. The blue veins on the back of his hand were all exposed,

Gu Bokai was as if it was his only straw. Losing him was like a little boat who lost their direction in the big ocean, cant find his way home anymore.

Gu Bokai followed along Cheng Jinyus tugging hand and sat by the bedside. Cheng Jinyu immediately curled up his body and snuggled closer, entire body was attached to Gu Bokai’s side, just like a homeless stray dog.

Gu Bokai snorted, “This time you’re finally well behaved.” Gu Bokai spoke these words, then his hands scooped up the little ball of Cheng Jinyu into his embrace.

Gu Bokai’s warm body temperature warmed up Cheng Jinyu’s ice cold body and the shivering Cheng Jinyu gradually recovered. But Cheng Jinyu’s hand continued to firmly grasp Gu Bokai’s clothes, mouth crying out, “Dad, dad dont leave, don’t abandon me by myself.”

Gu Bokai placated him, “Good son, Little one is obedient. I won’t leave.”

“Not son, darling” the closed eyed Cheng Jinyu melancholically replied.

In an instant a big smiling expression appeared on Gu Bokai’s face. He bent his body, pasted his lips to Cheng Jinyu’s forehead, “Big darling I’m not leaving. I will be here forever.”

Not sure if it was Gu Bokai’s ‘big darling’ phrase that worked, or if the kiss to his forehead had an effect, but the tense Cheng Jinyu slowly relaxed, little by little slowly slept.

Gu Bokai layed besides Cheng Jinyu, had his entire body buried in his embrace, wide hand gently stroking his back, “Big darling, little sweetheart, I won’t leave, never leave.”

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BAW- Chapter 22

Chapter 22- People that have been struck must also use great effort to climb back up


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Waiting for Yuan Zhan to come back, Yan Mo already fixed his state of mind.

Going from frugal to extravagant is easy, going from extravagant to frugal is difficult.

From having nothing at all, he struggled until he finally had both fame and fortune. At 30 years old, he was already accustomed to other people hailing him, flattering him, praising him, valuing him, revering him. Even if he was finally in prison, he would not eat any sufferings. On the contrary because of his medical expertise, the surrounding people would take care of him.

It wasn’t that he never had an opportunity to escape death. Although he committed an offense to many people, but over many years, he also saved many people. Additionally with his mastery over medical skill, many people proposed to let him atone for his crimes through good services.

It was simply that his most treasured, most valued baby had already disappeared. His will to live was already not very large, and with his personality, he was tossed out by people to become the scapegoat. If he did not retaliate, didn’t drag all the people involved under the water, how could he be content?

So although he was full of resentment when he died, it was worth it, apart from feeling sorry for letting down his son.

But he also did not think that he would carry this breathe into another world to open eyes once again. Furthermore in order for him to “obediently”  survive, God gave him a temptation that he absolutely could not refuse.

He very quickly recognized this world’s cruelty, but even if he was treated as a slave by the primitive men here and carried back, he did not feel a sense of crisis. He felt that overall with his capabilities, wanting to drift along like water in this world, to have many people respect and admire him, isn’t that an easy task?

He, aloof and remotely continued to watch these primitive people.

As a matter of fact, he actually really did see himself as God’s Messenger.

To the point that he disdained the current body he was using and simply regarded it as a tool to hold his soul. So even if it happened again and was molested a third time , he didn’t really feel that  it was especially hard to bear.

He looked down on these primitive people, even held that guidebook in contempt. It was like he despised the laws of this primitive world.

But waking up in this time, the repeated facts continued to inform him, so what if he looked down on the people here again? Even though he knew more things then the people here, he still needed to see if he could turn it around. Up till now, it was extremely easy for others to figure out how to disgrace him, bully, humiliate, and kill him. So much that he didn’t even dare to resist because he was scared of even more suffering; scared that life would be worse than death!

The once aloof and remote person in one day fell into dust.And so at long last, he finally realized that everything that happened was flowers in a mirror and the moon in the water. (1) This type of mentality disparity, if exchanged with a person with even a tiny bit weaker will power, it wouldn’t be strange if they were driven insane.

Yan Mo was not insane, he was more calm than before.

In an instant, he flipped the wristband inside out and prepared to improve it. Right now he did not need a gaudy looking bracer, but a bag that could carry things.

He was too stupid before. He thought himself clever, thought he controlled everything, when in actuality it was his ego being overweight. Couldn’t even eat full, his naked butt leaning on others for support. Nevertheless he still held onto his glory and refused to let go, to the extent that he even believed he was possessed by God. Believed that everything under the heavens ought to follow him, that’s all!

And so he caught sight of Yuan Zhan and his neighbor, Yuan Diao, part with a pile of fresh meat on their shoulders. Additionally, as Yuan Zhan came back with a bulging hide wrapped bundle in his hands, he understood what it was.

“What are you doing?” Yuan Zhan saw his small slave crawl over to the door, sitting on the floor attempting to light the fire pit.

Yuan Diao nodded to Yuan Zhan, directly passed them and went back to his own tent.

“Light a fire, let’s eat.” Thank god for this body’s memory, thank god for his field and experience of life, otherwise he wouldn’t even know how to create a spark.

Yuan Zhan smiled, kicked his leg, threw the bundle to the entrance of the tent, took down the slab on top of the water jar, placed the fresh meat on his shoulders on top, and casually spoke. “Stop making a fuss. Everyday Cao Ting would go fetch live cinders to make a fire. Have you seen her start her fire? After starting it, have her bring over a kindling.”

Cao Ting happened to be at the entrance of the neighboring tent when she heard her name. She lifted her head to smile and waved. Most likely seeing Yan Mo was doing something, scratching in the firepit, sent over a burning log.

Yan Mo carried his two stones and lifelessly watched Cao Ting help him start a fire.

Cao Ting saw the two stones in his hands and snorted. “Oh, intelligent people can also do stupid things. We already stopped using stones to start fires long ago.”

He…. merely his cerebrum stopped momentarily!

Cao Ting finished up with the fire pit and left when Yan Mo suddenly threw himself and held onto Yuan Zhan’s leg. Opening his mouth he firmly bit his leg.

Yuan Zhan, who at the time was scooping cold water to drink. “…..”

The neighbor who unfortunately saw this scene, Diao, burst into loud laughter. “Did you not feed him today? Look at how hungry your little slave is!”

“Pah!” So dirty. Yan Mo wiped his mouth, he wanted to look around and see what other things he could do.

Yuan Zhan bent his body and picked up the little slave that had not grown any meat yet. He brought him to the entrance of the tent, had him sit on the ground, then took the bundle in the tent and thrust it to his chest. “All the stuff you want is inside.” Finally, he also patted his head.

Yan Mo swatted away Yuan Zhan’s hand and opened the bundle.

Yuan Zhan looked at his own hand, then also looked at his little slave who dared to use his own master’s mouth and hands. Suddenly he felt that the aura of the little slave sitting there had changed. Of course he did not understand the word “aura”, he felt that this little slave wasn’t the same as before. It was like… he accepted his situation?

Forget it. Looking at it, this way wasn’t too bad. In any case, he had no hope that this servant would wait upon him. As long as he warmed his bed then it was fine.

The bundle had many items. There were some small hides, there was a bag of coarse salt, also a certain number of animal bones, a certain number of hard shelled fruits, two shriveled up animal eyes…

Yan Mo picked up the two sun-dried eyeballs and shook it. “Why do you want this stuff?”


Taking the salt that was taken out, Yuan Zhan squatted there handling the fresh meat and replied, “eat.”

“What’s so good to eat about eyeballs?” Yan Mo’s mouth twitched.

“Those are the eyes of a Yao Peng. Eat it and you’ll be able to see further, at night will be able to see more clearly.”

“Really?” Yan Mo did not believe and regarded it as the superstition of the people here. His memory also did not have this trick in his knowledge. Probably because the child’s age was small, he had not come into contact with many beasts.

“Never eaten before?”


“Me neither. I’ll split you one.”

“…… Thank you.”

“Then tonight will you let me hold you again?”

Veins burst open, “Didn’t you say before leaving you wouldn’t touch me?”

Yuan Zhan did not continue to insist and immersed himself on his work, “Ah, then just forget it.”

Earlier when Yan Mo took out the eyeballs, Diao cast envious eyes and was dying to come over and snatch them. Having heard what was said, he hurriedly yelled out from the entrance of the neighboring tent. “Da Zhan, I’ll let you hold me once. Let me have one of the Yao Peng’s eyeballs, even half of one will do!”

Yuan Zhan got up, grabbed the two eyeballs, and stuffed one in his own mouth. The remaining one, he pried open Yan Mo’s mouth and stuffed it in.

The male Diao loudly cursed that Yuan Zhan wasn’t his brother! Cao Ting enviously glanced at the juvenile, then lowered her head to continue working.

Yan Mo nearly spit it out!

Taking a whiff of that eyeball, there was a fishy smell. Not to mention his psychological reaction. But seeing the flustered and exasperated expression on Diao, Yan Mo stubbornly endured the urge to vomit. He vigorously chewed, and stubbornly swallowed down the sun dried eyeball into his stomach.

“Does it taste good?” Yuan Zhan’s throat moved, crouched to his original position and tilted his head to ask him.

Yan Mo’s complexion remained calm. “Wasn’t that bad, chewing it is quite difficult.”

“Usually the eyeballs are soaked in water, but the Yao Peng is different.”

“Oh.” Nausea had drifted upward but Yan Mo endured. He continued to endure until he could finally accept it. In any case, eating this thing was still better than eating human flesh.

The big bundle still had a small package inside. Opening it to take a look, Yan Mo almost let out a long stream of curses.

“This is the herbal medicine that you brought back for me?” Seeing it, Yan Mo wilted and was defeated. A few stalks of rotting plants. His hand touched a few of the stalks and he was so distressed he almost spit blood.

Yuan Zhan aroused his head and took a look then nodded, “Yes, it’s all there. Can you use them?”

Yan Mo grabbed onto those several stalks of plants, 90% which could not be used, and was itching to smash them into the youth’s face. “When you were bringing them back why didn’t you wrap the roots in soil? Even if you feared it was inconvenient, you could have even dried out the root stem and leaves and separated them. You just rolled them up like this…”

“You didn’t tell me how to handle them.” Consumed his time in order to find them, and even specially bundled it separately and occupied space to bring back, but unexpectedly was disliked. Yuan Zhan was not happy.

This was common sense! Fine… this was not common sense. At least to these people, this was not common sense.

Yan Mo knew that he took something for granted. At that time, he thought it was like instructing those mountain people and herbalists. As long as you gave them a clear picture, as long as that thing really did exist in that local area, the herbalists and mountain people would be able to bring back his desired herbs. Entirely did not need to waste time explaining to them how to handle, to the extent that those peoples’ skill in handling medicinal herbs was better than his.

Certainly Yuan Zhan was not one of those experienced herb pickers, perhaps he didn’t even know the concept of picking herbs.

Cannot criticize, must set an example, must encourage. Think deeply about how you brought up students before, especially stupid students.

“It’s me that did not explain clearly, I will not blame you for this situation. And you also did not make a fruitless trip. These few stalks of plants, the others I do not dare to guarantee, but this stalk I definitely would not identify incorrectly. As long as you had this one stalk, all your mistakes I can excuse.” The last phrase spoken by Yan Mo was comparatively softer.

After talking, he grabbed a broken roots, missing leaves, and beginning to rot plant from the bundle and asked, “This plant, where did you pick it from? Is it far from the tribe? Was the environment dangerous?”

The second Rank warrior with good ears and eyes, naturally heard the last phrase that Yan Mo spoke. He also did not take offense, only asked, “Why? For what purpose? Can it also be used to treat and heal an illness?”

Yan Mo gently caressed and stroked the plant, gaze full of cherish and respect. “This is licorice root,the best medicinal herb, to the extent that it’s viewed as the king of medicine. Eh, the meaning is that its position is equivalent to the priest. The majority of prescriptions will all use it.”

Licorice Root

“That amazing?” Yuan Zhan was shocked, following immediately he became happy. “This thing you said is licorice root, the area it grows in is 2 days distance. Environment is not really dangerous, that prairie has a giant patch with other weeds grown together, but it’s not hard to recognize.”

“You remember the place?”

“I remember.” Yuan Zhan was certain of the place and nodded his head.

“That’s great!” Yan Mo broke off a piece of root with his fingers that was not rotten and stuffed it into his mouth. The familiar pleasant sweet taste immediately overflowed in his mouth. Looking at the youngster owner, he beckoned him to come over and stuffed one in him too. “Chew, spit out the pieces.”

The sweetness of the licorice root was different from honey, it carried a peculiar floral fragrance and taste. But in regards to Yuan Zhan, who normally did not eat sweet things, this level of sweetness was enough to make Yuan Zhan’s eyes open wide.

“Its sweet! Taste good!” The youth with the fierce appearance had a pure joyful smile. Yan Mo instructed him to spit out the small pieces yet he did not spit, just simply swallowed it down. He did not think that following that picture, he conveniently dug out a weed that was unexpectedly sweet! If he knew earlier he would have dug out more to bring back.

“Don’t eat too much, this thing isn’t food, it’s medicine.” There was no problem with eating the licorice root. “If you are coughing or have a swollen throat then can chew, other times do not treat it as candy to eat.”


“In the future wait for me to make it, you glutton! At that time you won’t think the flavor of the licorice root is good anymore.”

Yuan Zhan couldn’t help but to turn over the bundle to looking for the remainder of the licorice root piece. Yan Mo slapped away his hand. “The only useful parts of the licorice root is the root and stem,the leaves are useless, don’t randomly eat it. But when you’re cooking you can put in a little bit. Licorice root can also be used as a seasoning.”

As soon as Yuan Zhan heard this he immediately replied, “Tonight don’t grill the meat, we’ll boil the meat!”

“Actually you can also use it with roast meat, but first you need to cure the meat then roast. The taste will be a lot better.” The happiness from finding licorice root also caused Yan Mo to be in an enjoyable mood. “Tonight we will switch eating methods!”

The originally just as excited Yuan Zhan swept his eyes around then temporarily changed the plan, “No, lets just stick with things as they are. Wrap up the the parts that you can use, wait to use it in the future.”

Yan Mo promptly understood his meaning. At once his mood became a bit unusual. This boy who wasn’t of age in modern society was actually more cautious than him. Contrary to expectation, who said primitive people were carefree and tactless? If it really was like that, humankind afterwards would not have acquired that much experience.

“Then… take advantage of the sky not being dark yet. I’ll take a look at your leg first, eating isn’t urgent.” Yan Mo put down the bundle. He thought, perhaps he could expose his acupuncture needles in front of this youth. After all in the future when he needed to use it, he could not conceal it from said person.

But still thinking, how would he explain the origins of these acupuncture needles as well as where he stored it before?

“No, for the time being don’t need.”



  1. Flowers in a mirror and moon in the water: an illusion, unrealistic view


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LMSE- Chapter 8

Chapter 8- The Wife crushed to death by money


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But walking from the top of the stairs to the dining table took at least half an hour. Cheng Jinyu’s entire brain was like paste, he did not understand the current situation.

Gu Family clearly had him become Gu Bokai’s newly wedded wife and pulled him to come greet the relatives. But, but it shouldn’t be like this!

When Cheng Jinyu sat at the dining table, his entire body was still swaying.

There were too many visitors. Although Gu Family’s dining table was very big, it still couldn’t fit this many people. It seemed like it was already arranged early on because after saying hello to Cheng Jinyu, everyone left one after another.

At last, everyone left at the table was Gu Bokai’s seven aunts and uncles, as well as his father’s brothers and sister along with their wives and husband. Even though many people had left, the people leftover was still not little.

Like this, with the older generation sitting here, Cheng Jinyu still had a bit of nervousness.

Mama Gu opened her mouth first, “Jinyu! You and Kaikai’s wedding ceremony will definitely be set up, and also it will be big. But, but merely that Kaikai’s situation is special, for the time being we can only postpone it. It really is doing you wrong.”

Gu Family’s third uncle drank some wine and a sound of snorting came out. “Last time it was during the wedding, the new wife was too excited and had a heart attack and died.”

Gu Bokai suddenly turned his head over to reply, “Third uncle is drunk.”

Cheng Jinyu did not know how Gu Bokai’s previous two wives died, but not knowing how the third wife died was out of the question. And it was because of the death of the third wife, it allowed Gu Bokai’s wife jinx to be known.

Gu Bokai’s first two wives died after receiving the certificate, this was only known by a few close people. Other people heard rumors but could not confirm.

But Gu Bokai’s third wife on the day of the wedding, had finished saying to the priest, “In the name of the Holy Spirit, Holy Father, and Holy Son. I now pronounce you husband and wife. The groom may now kiss the bride.” Afterwards, the bride suddenly had a heart attack and died.

Even if the Gu Family wanted to conceal this situation, the Family’s influence was too large. There was no way and Gu Bokai’s dead wife’s name instantly spread out everywhere. Those two silent nameless wives was also known by everyone.

Cheng Jinyu finally knew it. This was the Gu Family’s small ceremony that they had shifted to an earlier date. Similar to a small wedding between relatives and friends.

Only this was a fake marriage with Gu Bokai, could it still be used? Or, would it actually have to be real, in order to ensure the misfortune of Gu Bokai’s wife jinx?

Gu Family’s third sister in law smiled and spoke, “Drank a lot, he just drank a lot. You still don’t hurry up and go back to rest,  you’ll just speak foolishly.”

Gu Family’s third uncle laughed and replied, “I spoke the truth, everything about our Kaikai is good, just those dead wives.”

Gu Bokai immediately slammed his hand on the table and stood up. Third aunt hurriedly dragged her husband and left.

Gu Bokai, “Did you forget something?”

Third aunt face palmed. “Look, how could I forget this.” While talking third aunt walked to the front of Cheng Jinyu and from her pocket pulled out a card. “This is my family’s beauty salon VIP gold card. From now on if you go to my family’s beauty salon it will be completely free, moreover it’s also for the rest of your life!”

“Of that’s right! We have many branches and all of them can be used.”

Cheng Jinyu finally responded to this. This was probably their way of giving red envelopes. But he was a fake, could he even take this card?

Third Aunt saw that Cheng Jinyu was a bit hesitant and with a bit of embarrassment spoke. “Do you not like it? My fault, I should have gone to research what things you like and prepared another gift.”

“No, no, this is very good.” Cheng Jinyu hurriedly received it. He thought, first take it then speak, in worst case he could still give it to Gu Bokai.

After Third aunt gave the gift she took third uncle and left, it was just that after seeing one person give a gift, everyone afterward began to immediately start.

Oldest Aunt gave a gold watch, second aunt gave a limited edition motorcycle, second uncle gave a gold card to a club, fifth aunt gave a SLR camera and so forth.

Cheng Jinyu’s eyes were wide open. In his mind there was only one thought, they were all wealthy people. They were all fucking wealthy people! For the purpose of 200,000 he sold himself. These vicious wealthy people, they just casually give out tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

When the gifts from the relatives were all finished, in Cheng Jinyu’s hands and the table in front of him were just piled up with items.

Mama Gu smiled and walked up to Cheng Jinyu, “Many people misunderstand our Kaikai, don’t believe that superstition. Kaikai’s previous three wives, were all accidents from many causes, by all means you do not need to be afraid.”

Cheng Jinyu sincerely responded, “I’m not afraid, my life is strong.”

Mama Gu looked at Cheng Jinyu with even more love and devotion, “You really are similar to one of my very close friends, if he had a child they would be roughly your age. I feel like this is destiny, we will become a good family.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled, this would most likely not happen. If he died, in the course of events all troubles would end when the main trouble ended, If he lived then he would still have to clear out and give the position to Chen Yuze.

He couldn’t see clearly what Gu Family was paying attention to, merely smiled, words didn’t even speak.

Mama Gu continued to talk , “In accordance with the old traditions, we need to pay a visit to your house. Need to set up an engagement feast, need to send betrothal gifts, but your certificate was too hurried, many things couldn’t be done in time. Another day me and his father will personally pay respects to your mother.”

Cheng Jinyu continued to smile. Thinking to himself, even this act was too real! Was this a script that was written at an earlier date? Shouldn’t they have let him see this script earlier? Otherwise he would not know how to properly answer.

“Paying a visit to your mom can wait, engagement feast is also not necessary, but the betrothal gift is a must.”

Cheng Jinyu’s eyes immediately became bright while Gu Bokai disdainfully said, “money grubber!”

You oldest young master, from young you were born in a pile of gold and silver, of course you’re not a money grubber! Cheng Jinyu inwardly slandered him. Even though the money was definitely not his own, in any case it let him see what gifts from rich and powerful aristocracy was like.

From her chest Mama Gu took out car keys. “I also don’t know what kind of car you like. But if you don’t like the color it can be changed, car style can also be modified. This is a limited edition Lamborghini, sky blue. Of course, If you don’t like this brand, can buy a completely new one. Starting today, this car is yours.”

Cheng Jinyu’s hand was practically shaking, so generous? A limited edition Lamborghini? Just given to him like that? This was a rich person’s betrothal gift?

Although Cheng Jinyu knew that in his entire lifetime he would never own this kind of luxurious sports car, but can still look at the car keys! There’s no man that doesn’t love cars, furthermore there was no man that could resist the temptation of a sports car.

Cheng Jinyu’s quivering heart had not calmed down yet. In order to conceal his tremble, he held up a cup of water with two hands and held it tightly, then he drank the water. Papa Gu stood up and spoke, “I also really don’t have much to give you, first I’ll give you a villa and call it good.”

“Pftttt” Cheng Jinyu’s mouthful of water was sprayed out. Entire body choked and he violently coughed.

Gu Bokai promptly walked over, hastily slapped Cheng Jinyu’s back, while agitatedly yelling, “Hurry and call the doctor, call the doctor!”

“No… no…. No need….I’m fine, I’m fine…”Cheng Jinyu firmly beat his chest, then managed to pull in a breath of air.

His cough was brutal, even tears even came out. The moistness contained inside his eye was somewhat delicate and charming. He raised his head towards Gu Bokai and spoke, “I finally realized how your wife died.”

Gu Bokai raised his eyebrows.

“Crushed to death by money!”

Gu Bokai snorted. “Look at your useless appearance, probably never seen this much money!”

Cheng Jinyu sincerely nodded his head. “My one life was sold for 250,000…” His voice was kind of low. It carried a light distress and along with the moistness in his eyes, it gave him an even more helpless appearance.

Other people did not hear what he muttered to himself, but Gu Bokai heard it clearly. He grasped onto Cheng Jinyu’s shoulder, couldn’t help but increase his strength.

Once Cheng Jinyu felt his shoulder hurt, he pushed him away and replied, “Hurts a lot ah! Heart hurts? Don’t worry, I will return everything to you, won’t even ask for a penny.”

Gu Bokai took offence. This ungrateful little bastard. This executive that impressively appeared on the stock market, would he depend on this small bit of money?

“Hm! Poor ghost(1),just afraid that you’ll completely sweep off these things and run off today.” As Gu Bokai said this, he was already panting with rage. In a huff he returned to his seat and sat down.

“Kaikai!” Mama Gu shouted, “Don’t talk nonsense. These things from now on are Jingyu’s. He ought to completely carry them all away. Let me tell you, his things you cannot touch.”

“These little things, I can’t even see them.”

Seventh Aunt smiled and spoke, “Kaikai’s family is currently a couple hundred millions. Our things in his eyes are insignificant. Jinyu ah! Where is the genuinely rich and influential family? Still haven’t hurried and asked for red envelopes.” Seventh Aunt laughed while pointing at Gu Bokai.

Cheng Jinyu definitely did not want to get a red envelope from him. Gu Bokai also immediately put a stop to it. “I have nothing over here, don’t even think about getting even a penny from me here.”

“Don’t take a single cent from you? Did you and Jinyu already sign a prenup?” Seventh Aunt asked.

“What’s the point of signing that thing?”Gu Bokai disdainfully asked.

Pleased with herself, Seventh Aunt immediately replied. “Confirmed that it has not been signed, then it’s too late. Since the beginning of yesterday Jinyu is already your legal wife. All of your earnings, half belongs to Jinyu. So from now on half of your property completely belongs to Jinyu. You’re still talking about a penny over here?”

“Ha ha ha….” Everyone else all laughed.

Cheng Jinyu completely turned muddleheaded. Did these people really stupidly spend so much money? Gu Bokai’s several hundreds of million dollar family, did not sign a prenup with him. His divorce with Gu Bokai, simply a sham divorce but also needed to break part of his property! Why were these people treating it as a joke? Did they really not mind?

Cheng Jinyu felt that he couldn’t guess a rich person’s heart. Also unable to make out the plot of this scenario. Director! Just where exactly are you? Good or bad, leak me a bit of the plot, ok?

Cheng Jinyu once again held up a glass of water with both hands from the table, wanting to let himself calm down a bit.

“Not allowed to drink!” Gu Bokai cried out.

Cant even drink water? What is it now? Can’t eat dinner? Cheng Jinyu felt that his brain, compared to yesterday, was even more paste.

“Kaikai—– Kaikai —–” An old voice came from outside and traveled in and the people sitting at the dining table all stood up. Cheng Jinyu also hastily stood up.

Two nurses supporting a white haired old man arrived. Mama Gu nervously spoke, “Dad, why did you also come? Your body isn’t well, the doctor won’t let you leave the bed.”

The old man’s age was very old. Eyes slightly narrowed, as if he couldn’t see everyone clearly. Ears also could not be used well, He did not pay attention to Mama Gu, merely continued to yell, “Kaikai, Kaikai.”

Gu Bokai hastily walked forward and replied. “Grandpa, I’m right here.” The old man tugged on Gu Bokai’s hand. “You, you…”

Mama Gu still understood the old man. “Jinyu, quickly come over here.”

Cheng Jinyu hurriedly walked over, Mama Gu dragged him over to the side of the old man, “Dad, This is Bokai’s bride.”

Cheng Jinyu maintained his smiling expression, He was just simply a fake, but was still a person following the plot of the play. Speaking very little was correct.

The old man’s pale yellow eyes finally turned to Cheng Jinyu’s face. Slightly dazed for a moment, he reached out his hand and pulled on Cheng Jinyu’s hand, “Yiqing ah! Where did you go for this many years? How come you didn’t come visit me?”

The originally warm and bustling noisy hall suddenly became motionless. As if  even breathing sounds were cut off.

“Tan Yiqing?” Cheng Jinyu hands held tightly onto the old man’s hands.

“Yes! Yiqing, You said you would accompany me in Chinese chess, how come you never showed up? The bamboo you gifted me, nowadays, it already grew up into a bamboo forest.”


  1. Poor Ghost: insulting way to call someone poor.


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I’m Back…. Almost

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BAW-Chapter 21

Chapter 21- Situation More stubborn than people, People are under the Roof (1)


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The current situation was that the situation was more stubborn than the people. He found it difficult to deal with, lacking tools and manpower, he had no other option but to lower his head to the primitive people here.

Yuan Zhan and Lie clearly only gave him two paths; either get the slave mark tattoo, or lose his man part. And regardless of what path, both were hopeful that he could obediently serve and not rebel.

If he insisted on not choosing one of the two options, he garenteed, that guy named Lie would definitely do the job himself and castrate him. Maybe he would even believe that leaving him alive was a form of repayment and benevolence.

Comparing the two options….Is there still a need to say? He could only choose to get the slave mark!

Tattooing is a very painful event, especially because the instrument used is a primitive bone spur. The person giving him the tattoo was an old man whose  craftsmanship was very good. You couldn’t even say this person was old, but half the teeth already fell out. As soon as he opened his mouth, it was full of black gaps.

Yuan Zhan explained to him, the man’s  teeth was knocked out by a hostile tribe warrior. By the time they recaptured it, he already could no longer eat meat anymore.

And so the old man was called Ya (teeth) to match with his appearance and experience. This name was full of sarcasm, so much that even the tribe members did not call him Ya, rather they called him Que Ya (deficient teeth).

After tattooing, Yan Mo wiped away the tears he cried from pain. The entire person became silent, didn’t wish to talk.

Yuan Zhan could not manage his own slave’s mood. Seeing that he had no spirit, simply treated it as his body was not feeling well and carried him back to the tent. Leaving him enough food and water, he rubbed his head and said, “Until we leave I won’t touch you. Rest well. Wait until after selecting the people, then we will leave.”

Yan Mo stuck out his hand.


“Give me your wrist, I’ll take a look at your body condition.” Yan Mo pressed down on his heart’s unwillingness and tiredly spoke.

“Wrist? It’s my leg that hurts.”

“I know. I need to take your pulse first. Taking the pulse is…. I’ll feel your wrist for a moment, then I’ll know whether your body has an illness or not. I know you are incapable of understanding, you can regard it as a priest’s method of seeing a patient.”

“I thought you were going to say it was a skill gifted to you by God.”

Yan Mo chuckled, “If you want to think of it like that, then you can.”

Yuan Zhan extended his hand, expression complicated, perhaps this juvenile wasn’t as crafty and deceitful as he thought? He was obviously not feeling well, furthermore was also extremely angry he gave him a slave mark, but he still took the initiative to help him out.

Yan Mo came into contact with the youth’s pulse. After awhile he asked, “Your right leg, on cloudy and rainy days hurts alot or hurts during the cold days of the winter?”


“When you were nursing your wound, was it by soaking in the water, or perhaps it met with rain for a very long time?”

Yuan Zhan was amazed. “No, it wasn’t rain water, it was snow. At that time it just happened to have a heavy snowfall. My wound was difficult to bear, whole body was burning hot, only by putting my leg in snow would it be relieved a lot.”

Towards this Yan Mo gave no comment and continued to question.  “Do you still remember when the old priest connected your bone, was the surface of the broken bone neat and tidy ?Was there a big defect? On the section that didn’t break, were there any cracks? Were the broken bone fragments taken out from the flesh?”

Yuan Zhan recalled his memories one by one to respond.

“Approximately how long did it take you for your bone to grow back? When did you start to get up and walk again? When you walked did you feel any pain? Approximately when did you start practicing your warrior skills and hunting again?”

Towards numbers, Yuan Zhan was truely sensitive. After two years, he unexpectedly could still remember the relevant dates clearly. This made Yan Mo eye him more closely.

The youth’s face once again had a puffed up “I’m very awesome” expression.

Yan Mo resisted the urge to poison and ruthlessly attack this man with difficulty. He had the youth sit on top of the bed and extend his right leg. Starting from the knees he began to feel downward, while touching he was also asking, “Does it hurt? If you feel pain, definitely tell me.”

Yuan Zhan grabbed his hand. “Why?” You don’t need to help me treat an illness, can just watch me suffer.

Yan Mo impatiently opened his hand, “What is the reason? Didn’t you say that your leg would hurt during the winter, walking a lot would also make it hurt. If I don’t give you treatment, then when we go on the road you’ll only be a burden. Could it be that you want to be a burden?”

The complexion of the youth who was arrogant about his own military might immediately dropped after hearing what was said. “Even if my leg snapped I wouldn’t be a burden to others.”

“Oh really? You’re planning on crawling there?”

The juvenile’s mouth was malicious but Yuan Zhan did not get upset. He felt that this juvenile who was looking for a reason to treat his wound as well as stubbornly refusing to admit defeat was more pleasing to the eye compared to the former one that pretended to be mature and clever.

Was this the juvenile’s true colors?

He felt that this type of juvenile was also not bad. He was also a bit… he couldn’t find the right words to describe this type of feeling in his heart. In the same way as seeing him made him want to pinch and rub, if he could press him to the floor and engage him then it would be better- that kind of feeling.

“Then do you want to treat your wound or not?” Yan Mo was looked at by the youth with fiendish and greedy eyes, not at all bothering to conceal the lust in the red/bare naked eye. He looked absolutely terrifying.

The fiendish looking youth suddenly snuggled close to the juvenile, stuck out his tongue and licked him from his chin to his forehead. Finished licking he effortlessly responded. “Want.”

Yan Mo …. ruthlessly wiped his face and wiped the saliva on the youth’s leather skirt.

“Want then shut your mouth! You dare to lick and taste me! Damn it, saliva is unbearably smelly!” If it wasn’t that he was afraid that if he didn’t help soon, the guide would punish him, and that in the winter he truly couldn’t leave this person, he wouldn’t care how bad his leg hurt!

Yuan Zhan didn’t believe him, spitting out his own saliva into his palm he took a whiff. “Not stinky, don’t trust your smell.”

“I’ve had enough of you!” Since arriving here, the once hygiene obsessed doctor was already no longer obsessed with cleanliness. But the primitive people here kept surpassing his limit every day. Just now when he was being carried past the plaza, he saw a suspicious slave kid turn over a lump of animal feces searching for food, the adults next to him surprisingly did not stop him.

“Ss!” The middle section of the thigh was pressed and hurt, Yuan Zhan’s leg that hurt shrunk back.

“Right here?” Yan Mo immediately determined the area. “Is it right here that you feel it specially hurts?”

“Neighboring area also hurts, in addition the pain increases each year.”

“Not being able to take pictures is inconvenient.” (2) Yan Mo muttered, “All depends on my skill, depends on my experience. If I don’t die, if I can still go back, wait till I go back and my medical expertise and experience will definitely be first under the heavens.”

“What did you say?” Yuan Zhan grabbed the juvenile’s chin.

Yan Mo was just about to reply, but then suddenly gave a strange smile, “Dumb master, watched others to use a bone spur to tattoo me, pleased? Did you know there’s a medical skill called Zhen Ci Tan Gu Shu (3)? It’s said that at the time, the physician trained in herbal medicine who researched this method originally wanted to use acupuncture needles on the body of a wounded person to pry out a barbed tip leftover from an arrow. In order to dig it out, they ended up using the leftover bone fragments from the body they were doing this from; the broken bits. So much that it could also be used to clear out the blockage from the TCM channels.”(4)

Yuan Zhan did not understand it, but his intuition told him it was dangerous. Right now he felt that this juvenile was not a soft-hearted good child again.

Yan Mo was practically insane with happiness!

He found a loophole again!

For his “heartfelt” desire to heal Yuan Zhan’s old injury, he needed to make a diagnosis. Understand the cause then you can correctly treat the injury.

In this primitive society that lacked medical equipment, he wanted to determine the cause of the illness. Unless the symptom was very obvious, he would have to adapt the  “four methods of diagnosis” (5) to determine what it is. Otherwise, he would need to use a tool and some medicine to examine and eliminate.

And in the middle of this process of examine and of elimination, pain expression was also an absolutely necessary element of observation. He was not deliberately wanting the patient to hurt, rather for the purpose of determining the cause of the disease’s focus point, it required him to know all of the patient’s exact feeling. So sometimes he could not relieve them of the pain, even if he was able to he couldn’t, otherwise it would obstruct the examination and diagnosis.

For example in Yuan Zhan’s medical case, he had some speculations but still could not make a definite diagnosis. So in the future he would have to take on the “try out and examine” method. It really wasn’t him “deliberately” wanting his youngster master to be in pain and suffer. He was also being good to his stupid master, its true!

“Beloved Master, remember to come back earlier. If the sky is dark and I won’t be able to see clearly.” He definitely must try it out tonight, see if his thoughts could really succeed.

Yuan Zhan was silent for a long time, then in a hoarse voice simply replied with the word “Ok.”

“The faster you go the faster you’ll come back! When you come back don’t forget to bring me back the herbs and insects you brought back for me.” Yan Mo waved his hand at his stupid master to pacify him.

Yuan Zhan getting up felt that something wasn’t right, thinking, he turned around and used one foot to step on the little slave’s face until the person had troubles breathing. During the time when he was hugging the foot to struggle for their life, he finally retrieved his foot satisfied and left.

Pei pei pei! (6) You actually dare to use your stinky foot to step on my face? ! Yan Mo, insane with anger, crawled to his original bedside and grabbed his straw belt that was thrown into a corner. Holding it he refused to let go and curled up his body and continued to pant heavily.

Calm, calm….

Don’t let your temper ruin things.

Think about the important of faking, think about the necessity of restraint. If you didn’t make both of these Taoist practices work from the beginning, how would you have taken a bullet and delivered here!

Thinking about those few truly cunning people, which one of them cannot endure other people? Which one of them did not pretend to be an expert?

So what if your medical expertise is great? People that cannot conduct themselves, can only be thrown out as the scapegoat. Even you are not a fucking thing. The fault of that 100 million scum points is on you.

But are you willing? To be thrown into this world to receive suffering again?

Yan Mo, do not forget your ultimate goal. For your baby, what is there that you cannot endure?

“Du Du.. father was wrong, father will definitely strive to survive, will definitely live longer than the people in this world. You wait, wait for father to bring you back. Du Du, father misses you…. If my suffering could be exchanged for your health and happiness, no matter how bitter, how difficult, how painful, father will be able to endure it all… Du Du, darling….”

Yan Mo used the straw belt he was grabbing to block up his mouth, then began to cry bitterly.

  1. People are under the roof: The original phrase is “People under the roof, have to bow their heads” (人在屋檐下,不得不低头). It means when you have no power, in order to get along with others you and not be alone, must submit yourself under authority.
  2. Taking pictures: He’s talking about x-rays, MRIs, etc…
  3. Zhen Ci Tan Gu Shu (针刺探骨术): I can’t find an English translation of this. It roughly translates to “Pricking with Needles to explore the bone”.
  4. TCM Channels: Traditional Chinese Medicine Channels; channels that vital energy circulates through
  5. Four methods of diagnosis: Observation, Listening (listening to organs like the heart and lungs) & Smelling, Interrogation, Palpation (feeling the pulse)
  6. Pei: expressing disdain/annoyance

T/N: So interesting story from my friend in China. The word for scapegoat (顶缸), the second word 缸 means a jar or pot. In my friend’s hometown, they actually have a 缸 pot that is half the height of a regular person. And they would have to wear this pot as punishment, kind of like a dunce cap. It’s why 缸 is part of the word scapegoat.

I’m also slowly building up that Chinese Idiom/Slang/Proverb Dictionary. It only has a few phrases in it at the moment so once I get more I’ll post it.

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BAW- Chapter 20

Chapter 20- God’s malice is always everywhere


Yuan Zhan left for a long time, when he came back he brought back Yuan Diao and Yuan Shan as well as the red date man and his elder brother, Yuan Lie.

The five people talking did not try to evade Yan Mo.

Yan Mo sprawled out on the bed pretended to be dead, merely dragged the hide to cover up his bottom half.

Yuan Zhan entered and lifted the animal hide to take a look, saw that there was no big problem and no longer worried about him.

There are many youths in the prime of their lives and you had to do me, I’ll do you. Hehe haha, giggling speaking those obscene words, even lifted each other’s skirts to compare sizes.

Yan Mo snuck a peak. Being a doctor, that one peak let him see everything. These few people did not need to do any kind of skin surgery, each and everyone of them developed like a donkey.

“You really decided to go out and search for salt in the winter?” Lie, the oldest of the five asked.

Da Diao and them did not make noise, looked in the direction of Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan sat on the floor, playing with the grass root in his mouth. When he heard Lie ask him, he pulled out the grass root and replied, “Yes.”

“Too dangerous, how will the chief agree?” Lie creased his brows.

There was no expression of grievance or unwell on Yuan Zhan, his complexion not changing he replied, “Not just me, chief told me to pick out 6 other warriors to go with me.”

Lie disapprovingly shook his head, “Having more people won’t do anything. If you guys don’t promptly return back, as soon as it snows, you guys will only be trapped and freeze to death out there.”

“You think the chief didn’t think of this? He let that old codger… “

“Diao!” Lie shouted at Yuan Diao to stop, “Master Qiu Shi is the tribe’s priest, have a little more respect!”

Yuan Diao lowered his head refusing to accept, “Yes.”

Lie finished and used his good right arm to pat him, “But this situation is really not proper. I will go find Zheng, we’ll go talk to the chief together. See if the situation can be pushed back to spring next year. At that time, I will go together with Zhan.”

“I will also go!” The red date man beat his chest.

Da Shan did not say anything, ,but it was clear he had the same idea. Yuan Diao also indicated that they could not leave him out.

Yuan Zhan shook his head, “The chief originally also wanted to have me go next year in the spring, but the situation has changed.”

Yan Mo was thinking to himself, wondering what had changed? The other four people evidently also had the same question.

Yuan Zhan uncovered the riddle. “Previously when I went to find the chief to talk about the situation concerning the salt, I just happened to bump into Da Yu from Zhi tribe who had just finished trading salt. Da Yu told us that this time going to Yanshan to trade salt was not profitable. Not only was it less than the expected amount, Zhi Tribe still also more to say. Said on the day of trading at the stone beach, there will not be a lot of salt.”

“What?! The entire tribe was counting on this last trade of the year to get enough coarse salt to last the winter. The Zhi tribe says there isn’t a lot so now there really isn’t much?” Red date man was both astonished and angry.

Yuan Zhan replied in a cold voice, “It isn’t strange, Zhi Tribe just took the salt mountain. Afraid that right now they are worrying about how to get salt out of the salt pit. This method of extracting salt from the rocks, only Yanshan tribesmen know it. Even if Zhi Tribe manages to get the method from a Yanshan tribesman, wanting to extract a large amount of salt in a short amount of time is not easy.”

“In other words the salt that Zhi tribe currently has, afraid that it might be the salt Yanshan tribe had from before? No wonder the amount for trade is so small.” Red date man figured it out, following after the realization was anxiousness. “Then what are we going to do this winter? No salt to wipe on the meat, eating the meat will also have no energy.”

“Not just this winter,” Yuan Zhan said, “Zhi Tribesmen controlling Yanshan is equivalent to them grabbing onto our throats. They will definitely increase the exchange price for some tribes, as well as the tribes with strong fighting power. For example, us. They will most likely not ask us for a condition instead of increasing the exchange price, request us to promise them to help resist their enemies.”

Yuan Diao, “Ha! Zhi tribe’s enemies are not few. After they took over Yanshan, their enemies will only increase.”

“Yes, so we either need to attack Zhi tribe and take Yanshan territory, or go find a new salt land. And no doubt, the latter option would be the least loss to the tribe.”

Yuan Zhan finished explaining, everyone did not say anything.

Although the old priest having Yuan Zhan go out in the winter to search for a new salt land was fairly cruel, but the present time circumstances would not let the tribe be passive and wait until spring to make a move.

Regarding the gathering of the comrades, Yuan Zhan’s expression showed complete tranquility. “I already took the initiative towards the chief, get ready immediately and leave to search for new salt land.”

Yuan Diao disapprovingly glared at him.

The oldest of the youths, Lie, pondered for a bit then nodded his head. “Also good, rather than being pressured to leave, it would be better if we took the initiative to suggest our leave.”

“Lie, you don’t need to…”

Lie lifted his hand, “You are only a Rank 2 warrior, the places you’ve been isn’t as much as a Rank 3 warrior. The chief would have definitely assigned a Rank 3 warrior to go with you. From the more experienced, apart from Zheng, I am the best candidate. Be at ease, I only injured my left hand, it’ll get better very soon. I won’t inconvenience you on the road.”

Yuan Zhan naturally would not consider Lie as an inconvenience. Having Lie journey together, their safety would increase by atleast 30%. “I’ve carefully thought it over, although leaving in the winter will have a danger of freezing to death, but at the same time there is a benefit.”

“What benefit?” The red date man that didn’t like to use his brain asked.

His older brother, Lie, swatted his head, “Idiot! When we go out hunting for food, what are we most scared of?”


Yuan Zhan nodded his head, “Correct, not only the viper, many ferocious beasts that like to sleep during the winter will eat full before winter. They won’t come out during the winter to hunt. Furthermore, when there is no snow, it is not the coldest. We just have to make it back before the snow falls, or if there is a place where it can resist the cold, then we won’t need to worry about freezing to death.” Instead, the biggest problem was food.

Lie added on. “When spring starts, although we do not need to worry about freezing to death or starving to death, but at the same time, we will run into vipers and ferocious beasts that are hungry from the winter.”

Yuan Shan buzzed in. “Winter is also not safe, the wolves might not sleep. The people from other tribes that come out to hunt because they do not have enough food, when they see us also will not let us leave. And also what will we eat on the road? At Least during the spring we won’t have to worry about food.”

Yuan Diao also spoke, “There is only 7 people in total, what happens if we run into the Iron Back Dragon on the journey? And also how far would we have to go before we can turn back? If we can’t find it does that mean we have to keep searching? Maybe we can’t find the salt and come back, that old….. Master Qiu Shi will let us off?”

Yuan Zhan had already went over the pros and cons in his mind numerous times when he asked the chief for the mission earlier on. He was already determined to leave and find a new salt land, but he would not bewitch his brothers to court death with him. Therefore he could only honestly reply, “That’s why the people who are going must definitely think it over well, because there is a possibility we won’t come back.”

The oldest, Lie, blocked everyone on the spot from speaking their positions, had everyone leave and go back to think it through and decide.

Shan and Diao left. Lie also drove out the red date man that was noisily wanting to touch Yan Mo, then turned to Yuan Zhan and spoke, “Even though I’ve been to many places, but I also don’t know where there would be salt. Do you know which direction to be looking in? We cannot randomly pick a direction and blindly go forward.”

Yuan Zhan hesitated a little, he was thinking if he should reveal the information from his small slave or not.

But not waiting for him to finish thinking, that little slave that liked to make decisions without authority opened his mouth, “South, we’ll walk south.”

Lie looked behind Yuan Zhan’s body, saw the flipped over juvenile sitting up.

Regarding this juvenile slave, Lie’s original impression of him was not profound, even though last night inside the chief’s canopy he both cried and begged.

Slaves weeping and shouting to spare their lives were a lot, he couldn’t possibly remember all of them.

But in the morning he learned from Shan and Diao, the method of using branches to set a broken bone was taught by this juvenile. Last night they did not say anything, only want to protect this child, because this juvenile had saved Da He who was waiting for death.

“What is your name?” Lie singingly asked.

“Yan Mo.”

“Yan…” Lie looked at Yuan Zhan. (1)

Yuan Zhan nodded his head, “He is a Yanshan tribesman, moreover he is Yanshan priest’s disciple.”

Lie was not happy hearing this, instead eyebrows knitted. “You got a priest’s disciple to become your slave? You’re not afraid of being poisoned or cursed to death.”

“He won’t harm people.” Yuan Zhan for the purpose of protecting the little slave’s life, was forced to say this.

Yan Mo abruptly nodded his head. His foolish and simple minded face depicted an “I’m really a good person” expression and anxiously looked at Lie.

Lie looked at the juvenile. Thinking that if this juvenile really wanted to harm people, also did not want others to know his status as a priest disciple, would definitely not take initiative to go save Da He. Immediately the alert in his heart lowered down to 30%. Thinking again, this juvenile gave away his tribe’s secret method of saving people to the warriors in his tribe, obviously he was a soft hearted good child. If it wasn’t for this child, there was a big possibility his left hand would have grown crooked and disabled. In this way thinking, the leftover alertness was lowered a great deal.

Seeing Lie’s hand slowly relax, Yan Mo secretly let out a breath. He felt that Yuan Zhan thought he did not necessarily need to tell Lie his status as a priest disciple right now, only needed to explain that he was a Yanshan tribesman and could find salt. Take a look, you caused other people to be on guard.

However Yuan Zhan’s way of thinking was obviously not the same as Yan Mo, he believed in his tribesman Lie. His hunting and fighting skills were all taught personally by Lie. As far as he was concerned, Lie was like a big brother, even a father. Besides if Lie could acknowledge Yan Mo and understand his importance, when there was no food on the road, Yan Mo would also not become food reserves.

For this reason, in the morning he intentionally had Shan and Diao explain to Lie who taught them the method for fixing a broken bone with branches, also had them take Lie to pay a visit to Da He.

Doing this was to let Lie realize that Yan Mo was not the same as other slaves. Not only could he find salt, he had many uses in other fields.

And Lie indeed reacted as Yuan Zhan hoped. His impression of the juvenile changed, but his alertness to Yan Mo was still not completely gone. Thinking that if the juvenile had any kind of disadvantages for Yuan Zhan, he would snap that juvenile’s neck. Concerning what Lie was thinking, even if this priest disciple could find new salt land, he also could not compare to even his tribesman brother’s toe!

“Last night you said you were going to mark the slave?” Lie asked.

Fuck! Yan Mo almost forgot about this situation, he didn’t want to leave a slave mark on his body. But also if his healing ability was actually very large, if by chance the day his mark disappears, how aws he going to explain?

Yuan Zhan turned to look at Yan Mo, revealed a wicked smile that harbored evil intentions, “Give him the mark first to avoid Master Qiu Shi finding another reason to cause trouble. We’ll wait until he really takes us to find the new salt land, then I’ll burn it on him.”

Burn it on? Use fire to brand? I, with great difficulty endured through the 8 Fire Branding punishments, you still want to give me another one? Don’t keep thinking that it’s possible! Whoever dares to touch me, I’ll kill them!

No matter how much Yan Mo used his eyes to shoot dead his ruthless owner, Yuan Zhan still walked over, lifted him up, and carried him to his chest. “Lets go. While you still have some strength, the earlier we give you the tattoo,  the earlier you will recover to go on the road with us.”

“… …. A-Zhan, possibly not tattoo? You said I received a serious injury, right now I have a high fever, burning to the point of almost dying. Simply cannot receive a tattoo.” If he had known earlier he would have faked illness!

“Fever?” Yuan Zhan guessed his meaning, “If I don’t take you, Master Qiu Shi will definitely have his disciple Qiu Ning come over, if Qiu Ning gives you the tattoo, you will certainly become like the other slaves before, stabbed to death by a bone spur.”

Don’t quibble anymore, you simply just want to have your mark on me! You think that I’m unable to read your thoughts? Yan Mo was so angry his natural instincts were completely exposed, “Dumb Master, its not because I’m stabbed to death by a bone spur, it’s because I burned to death from fever! If I have a fever, do you still want me to treat your leg?”

“Are you threatening me?” Yuan Zhan pinched his butt.

Yan Mo clenched his teeth, “I dare! You really want to give me a slave mark? You clearly answered me….”

“I didn’t answer anything to you, everything is waiting on you to find a new salt land then we’ll talk.”

Yan Mo was in flames. “You dare to give me a slave mark, then don’t count on me to bring you to find salt!”

Yuan Zhan sinisterly smiled, “You want to die?”

All of a sudden Lie laughed from a corner. “It seems that you and this slave child get along well. Since it’s like this, if he is genuinely unwilling to become your slave, then just castrate him and make him your wife.”

“……..” I X that X(2). Yan Mo in this moment, felt God’s dense malice–compared to the fiendish looking but childish Yuan Zhan, this gentle smiling tiger (3) uncle was the most frightening!

He had also heard of primitive men that especially enjoy castrating males from enemy tribes as punishment. So much that all the males in the enemy tribe after castration become slaves because they strongly believed that after castration they would become obedient. But after castration become a wife? You guys are lacking in women to this extent!

Thankfully Yuan Zhan refused, he said, “Without castration he can still be used the same. After castration the possibility of death is very high, it isn’t worth it.”

Yan Mo’s anger had reached his maximum but he still smiled. I must kill these two sons of bitches, definitely must kill them!

  1. Yan is also chinese for salt.
  2. I X that X: Saying no to the idea. X = is basically him crossing his arms and making an X.
  3. Smiling Tiger – looks kind but actually really cruel inside.


T/N: I was going to try to pump out three chapters in one go but there was sooo much in this chapter. I was writing paragraphs compared to before. In other news, the cost for the VIP chapters is super cheap so I’m sticking with the main site. I bought 10k points with $17 and each chapter is around 30ish points. Seems like a good deal to me.

Also, I’m trying to keep the Chinese names of places, animals, objects etc… to a minimum. I realized from reading other translations that after awhile it gets hard to keep up with all the Chinese names. So if the English names make sense, I’ll be translating them to their English counterparts unless its critical they are kept in Chinese (for example, names of people and tribes will be kept in Chinese.)

And one more announcement, I’m thinking of starting my own Chinese Idiom/slang dictionary for my use and use of other translators/people MTLing. Everytime I come across a slang term or idiom that other people might not know, I’ll write it down on there. This is so that I remember them in the future, and for others to use as well. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Open to suggestions!

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BAW- Chapter 19

Chapter 19- What exactly is the structure of a primitive man’s brain circuits?


“Are you really a Yanshan tribesman?”

Yan Mo was very cunning, for future considerations, he purposely did not respond to this question. Rather he replied with,  “Why is it that when other people pass through Yanshan, they did not discover the plentiful amounts of salt there? Only us, Yanshan tribesmen, could find it?”

Yuan Zhan’s mouth slightly opened. He looked like he didn’t believe him, but also looked like he was somewhat expecting something. Immediately, he closed in his lips and with a fierce expression replied, “This isn’t something that you can just say and mess around with.”

“Do you think that I’m using my own life to joke around with?”

“Joke around?” It seems like this wasn’t the first time hearing the juvenile use these words.

Yan Mo waved his hand. “Native dialect, you don’t need to mind it.”

“Native dialect?”

Yan Mo froze for 3 seconds, raised his head and smiled in an affected smirk.
“Our Yanshan tribemen’s dialect… I’m saying the words my tribe uses is more rich. Because our Yanshan tribesmen are in contact with more people than yours, our livelihood is also better than yours.”

Yuan Zhan didn’t know if he accepted this explanation, but he didn’t continue asking.

Yan Mo’s face carried a bit of gratefulness and honestly spoke to the youth. “Regardless, you really did save me, I want to repay you. But I also don’t dare to guarantee that  we’ll find a new salt area, but I know the approximate location of where to look for it. The most important point is that if we pass through a salt land, I will definitely discover it.”

“….. If it is true, I will inform the chief. As long as you really do find a new salt land, and it has no owner, you won’t need to wait to become a Rank 3 warrior to get rid of your slave status.”

“I can find it, but the area won’t necessarily be close to the tribe. As far as I know, the salt mountain that Yanshan tribe is on is the closest salt area to Yuan Ji Tribe.”  Yan Mo blurted out. “So even if we find a new salt land, we might also not necessarily be able to smoothly bring back the salt.”

“Able to move it back or not, that is the problem of the warriors. I wouldn’t needlessly worry that much. Currently the most important is, can you actually find a new salt land that doesn’t have an owner? Which direction? How long is the walk?”

Yan Mo felt that the youth did not understand things properly and was forced to speak more clearly again. “I only know the general idea of the direction. I overheard the tribe priest mention it in the past. In short, it won’t be close. If it was close, than our tribesmen would have gone to claim the area earlier.”

Yuan Zhan lightly tapped his fingers on his knee, face looking thoughtful. “Your tribe was forcefully captured by the Zhi Tribe, where did you guys escape to? Is it at the new salt land you’re talking about?”

Yan Mo in his heart smiled, face wearing a confused expression,  “I don’t know, but this is indeed a possibility. So if the tribe wants to receive a salt land with no owner, we better move fast. I also don’t desire to see my current tribe and my original tribe clash. If you guys hurry over first and take the land, my tribesmen will definitely not dare to try to fight you over it.”

Yuan Zhan’s eyebrows creased and got up from where he was sitting. “I’ll go look for the chief, as soon as possible for this situation…”

“Wait!” Yan Mo pulled on the youth, “I hope you will not tell the chief and priest that I can find the salt land, because I don’t have any assurance, and if I can’t find it, they will definitely kill me!”

Yuan Zhan took back his leg.

Yan Mo emphasized, “If it wasn’t for that priest trying to pressure you out in the winter to search for a salt land, I would also not have spoken these things out loud. In addition, I told you these things because I also have my own purposes.”

If it was said that at the beginning Yuan Zhan had doubts that the juvenile wanted to repay him and actually just wanted revenge against him, but after hearing him say he had his own personal goals, instead he no longer doubted him.

“You can really find a salt land?”

“I am 80% sure, 80%… that’s a very big assurance.”

“I will count.” Yuan Zhan felt that he was being looked down upon, bent his leg once again and sat down. “I don’t need to tie a knot to be able to be able to count everyone in the tribe.”

Yan Mo did not laugh, he understood that youth’s prideful tone. During the middle of merging memories with the juvenile, Yanshan tribesmen had tens, hundreds,  thousands of sayings. But there were very few people who didn’t need a knot to count over a hundred.

In many people’s eyes, counting was a thing for priests. These people only needed to count to twenty and it was enough to use. Because people only had ten fingers and ten toes, so everyone’s private property would not surpass twenty.

And because of this point, the people here were based off tens. For example, he said 80%, but to say it using the local language, it would be 8 fingers.

Furthermore, they already had a version of the four seasons and months. It was similar to the world he came from. A year had twelve months and every month had approximately 30 days. The specific date was controlled by each tribe priest, In each tribe, they were also the most understanding about the time and seasons.

He still remembered that at the top of the mountain, Yanshan tribe painstakingly dug 12 small holes to correspond with the changes of the moon’s appearance. Inside stood a wooden pillar. 12 wooden pillars arranged in a single row, placed in a line that faces the sunrise on the first day of winter.

Yanshan priest used this to observe the placement of the sun and the corresponding changes. Using this they could tell people when the recovery season, rain season, harvest and cold season arrived as well as when to hunt, when to plant and etc…

Yuan Ji Tribe was bigger than Yanshan Tribe, most likely the priest had an accurate way of figuring out the four seasons. In addition their vocab was more abundant. The four seasons, of course, had their own names. For example, recovery season was specially called “A Dalu”, rain season was called “Sa Dalu”,  harvest season was called “Ao Dalu”, and cold season was called “Fei Dalu”. Yan Mo immediately comprehended the four seasons.

Looking at the sun on top of his head, merely looking at the divided four seasons and the number of months and days, this strange world and earth had a high similarity.

“What are you thinking of?”

Yan Mo withdrew his train of thought, purposely used a provoking tone to reply. “I’m thinking about whether I should tell you the truth or not, because I can count even more.”

Yuan Zhan laughed evilly. Raising his hand he flicked the little slave’s head, “Speak! Your purpose!”

Yan Mo covered his forehead and rubbed it. This youngster’s hand strength was very strong. “My goal is to not be a slave.”

Someone from the tents came over. Yuan Zhan and the opposite party mutually thumped their chest. After waiting for that warrior to walk past, Yuan Zhan continued to speak. “If we really do discover a new salt land with no owner, no need for you to speak, I will also ask the chief to dismiss your slave status. Let you become a Yuan Ji Tribe Member.”

“No, you still have not understood my meaning.” Yan Mo lifted his head to look in the direction of the youth.

Yuan Zhan was also looking at him.

Yan Mo opened his mouth, “New salt land will be very far from here. It’s possible that if we go we may not be able to come back. Even if in the future we could come back, I also do not wish to return to the Yuan Ji tribe. As for the reason, I think you should also realize a thing or two.”

“Because you are Yanshan priest’s disciple?”

“No matter if I am or not, do you think that the old priest and his disciple will let me live?”

Mockery flashed through Yuan Zhan’s eyes. “He doesn’t even trust me, how would it be possible for him to accept the disciple of another tribe? Unless…”

“Unless from now on I don’t use any of my priest methods, but do you think that is possible? I obviously know how to help others and can definitely give tribesmen a better livelihood, but I have to pretend that I don’t understand anything. To helplessly stare at the weak, let a wounded person die; I feel that I can’t do this.” He can do this, but the guidebook would definitely not allow him to become a low profile self preserving observer.

Yuan Zhan was silent for a long time, “I cannot betray the tribe.”

“I don’t need you to betray the tribe.” Yan Mo also did not count on persuading the opposite party after one try. He switched his persuasion technique and spoke. “No matter if that salt producing land is far or close to the tribe, the tribe will have to assign guards there. Have you thought of this, wait till after finding the salt land, you could stay behind at that place to assist the tribe to guard that piece of treasured land. I would also stay there and not return to the tribe.”

Yuan Zhan was silent once again.

Yan Mo was unsatisfied, primitive people really matured early. Only a 17 year old child and his mind was this serious, hard to sway for even a bit!

Seeing He Tu come out from her tent, Yan Mo’s heart moved and spoke again. “Master Da He received such a serious injury, even if his life was saved, but from now on he also cannot go out and hunt? What will his family do? What will his children do? And the other warriors in the tribe similar Master Da He?”

The youth was not swindled by him, at once responded, “Even if they went to the salt land, without an arm or leg it’ll be the same and they won’t be able to survive.”

“What if I said I had a method to let them survive?”

Yuan Zhan suddenly stood up, grabbed the juvenile and carried him into the tent.

Yan Mo was urgently thrown onto his owner’s bed.

Fortunately the opposite party was still careful of his leg and did not throw him with any strength.

Yuan Zhan resembled a wild beast and pushed him down. Hand choking his neck, lowered his head, he intensely interrogated him. “Who exactly are you? What do you want with the tribe?”

The important moment has come, success or failure is here in one stroke! Yan Mo would not permit himself to have any possibility of defeat, he slowly lifted his hand, carefully put it on top of the youth’s arm and lightly stroked to appease him. Using a very gentle tone, “I am only an unfortunate priest disciple who met with dire straits. I cannot become a slave, even more don’t want to die. As a single person I cannot survive outside by myself. I wish for a tribe to take me in, if there is none….”

“If there is none, then you want to make your own tribe.”

Yan Mo payed attention to Yuan Zhan’s expression. Carrying grievance on his face, he probed him out. “Not possible?” This man smiled sinisterly at the bottom of his heart. Wait until I get a more fitting puppet, you watch and see how I dearly love you!

Yuan Zhan’s expression was twisted. He had a feeling that the juvenile beneath him was like a blooming poisonous dragon flower that was by the side of Mo Na Suo lake.  Looks ordinary, smells fragrant and sweet, eat it in your mouth and it’s like sweet honey, but can poison an Iron Back Dragon without anyone knowing.

But when starving people see the Poisonous Dragon flower, even if they knew that it could poison someone to death, they also can’t help but put it in their mouths. Because not only would it let you eat until you’re satisfied, even more it would also let you taste the world’s most beautiful taste at death’s door.

Yan Mo’s tone became even more mild, eyes closely stared at the youth’s eyes.

“A-Zhan, (1) I don’t want to be your slave, but I can become your warrior, your priest. My knowledge is greater than Master Qiu Shi, together we can definately establish an abundant food source, no need to eat people. A strong tribe where all the children and elderly can survive through the winter. And people like Da he, we can allow them to eat full and be warm, we can even still come back and help the Yuan Ji tribe.”


“You don’t like me calling you in this way?” The simple and honest child smiled silly.

This form of calling him, listening to it didn’t sound bad. As well as the future the juvenile described made his heart move. Leave Yuan Ji tribe, leave that old codger who never looked at him favorably, leading the people to a better life, a more plentiful rich livelihood. If it was really possible…

The young warrior’s face flushed a bit, breath slightly heavy.

Yan Mo sneered, I don’t believe a normal man would be able to resist the temptation to create a territory of their own!

“A-Zhan, do you dare?”

Yuan Zhan’s reply was… to roar once, pulled off his own leather skirt, turned over Yan Mo’s body, grabbed his wrists, and ruthlessly dominated him again!

After the event, the peaceful Yuan Zhan secured on his leather skirt and left the tent. Didn’t really know what he needed to do.

He left Yan Mo’s four limbs spread out, sprawled on the bed he watched an ugly looking bug drill in and out under the hide. He completely did not understand how the situation ended up like this.

Perhaps he ought to hurry and find a primitive man to dissect a bit, take a look and see if these primitive men’s brain circuits were not the same as the people from Earth.

Ok, he knew that the kid was excited by what he said, yet could not find someone to share this excitement with, and could only vent it out on his body.

Contrary to expectations, his straw belt with the three needles was thrown to the corner of his original bed. Even if he wanted to stab it in the opposite party he couldn’t.

…. There will not be a third time, he vowed!

(1) A-: Another form of a pet name is putting the word “A” in front of a name. It’s pronounced “Ah”.

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LMSE- Chapter 7

Chapter 7- What happens if you don’t know how to wear pants?


Cheng Jinyu woke up from being poked by a needle and immediately noticed the crowd of people coming and going. Cheng Jinyu looked all around, he was already at the hospital. The sky was already bright, it was actually the morning of the next day.

Cheng Jinyu’s sleep was not short, but he continuously dozed on and off. He was still as sleepy as before. Inside the hospital, Cheng Jinyu had lots of blood taken from him, then afterwards had check ups with all kinds of instruments. Later Cheng Jinyu was thrown back to a bed in the Gu House.

Cheng Jinyu laid on his stomach and immediately fell asleep. Halfway through his sleep, Gu Bokai came in carrying some food.

Cheng Jinyu ate like a wolf and tiger (1) , then his head hit the pillow and continued to sleep.

With an enigmatic tone Gu Bokai spoke, “The newlywed is so tired and looks like this, people who don’t know what happened would think I did things to you last night.”

Cheng Jinyu was not willing to acknowledge him, just immediately fell asleep.

He slept until evening that day. When he woke up again, the sky was already dark.

Cheng Jinyu had just woken up, it was too late for him to see his surroundings. The door to the room was pushed open, “You sleep too much, did you consider the feelings of the groom? Did you consider the feelings of anyone in the household?”

Groom? Fake. Everyone? Who? He got married yesterday, didn’t even notify his mother, younger brother or sister. Who would be waiting for him?

Cheng Jinyu slept for too long, his mind was kind of dizzy. He managed to sit up, but still thought his head hurt a lot.

Gu Bokai brought a series of papers and threw it on top Cheng Jinyu’s body. “Your check up came with these results, take a look!”

There were too many documents. Regarding this, Cheng Jinyu also did not care too much, merely lifted his head to respond, “How is my health?”

Gu Bokai delayed his response, “Too weak, appearance is healthy and strong, but inside is extremely deficient. A pillow with an embroidered case, attractive but useless.”

Cheng Jinyu thought of the words the doctor said when he was dazed, carefully thought of his life the past ten years, thinking about it now it would be hard to not lose health.  

“But,” Gu Bokai continued, “You don’t need to feel anxious. Still able to remedy, but you need to be obedient, otherwise a celestial being won’t even be able to save you.”

Cheng Jinyu forced out a bitter laugh. “Where is there time to remedy?” Mother’s medical expenses were settled, but also after several years would it still relapse again? And it’s followed by heavy surgery and medical expenses.

Cheng Jinyu dealt with the Chen Family for 10 years, he did not want to continue to entertain them. But leaving the Chen house, what kind of work could cover his mother’s medical fees as well as the surgery fees in a couple years?

Gu Bokai did not know what Cheng Jinyu was worried about, he thought that Cheng Jinyu was just giving up on himself.

Gu Bokai stepped forward, “Have no doubt you will be able to recuperate your health, but, first you must break up with your boyfriend.”

Cheng Jinyu looked at him strangely, what exactly was this person’s brain thinking?

“What does my health have to do with Wei Hua?”

“Of course the relationship is big!” Gu Bokai coughed, “He really doesn’t know how to practice abstinence, doesn’t he look at your condition? Only knows how to demand, this man is like a vampire. Slag man? The way I see it he’s almost like a murderer.”

Cheng Jinyu frowned, “We have never slept together.”


Cheng Jinyu replied, “Is there a need for me to lie?” Cheng Jinyu was like a machine at the Chen House. He was different from other people, completely did not have holidays.

Everytime Cheng Jinyu wanted to go out, he was required to tell Tan Liyun in advance. Everytime he asked for leave Tan Liyun was deliberately ambiguous. Even intentionally  humiliated him.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, Cheng Jinyu hardly ever went out. Carefully calculating, he was in love with Wei Hua for 7 years, but met in person very few times.

Every time they met it was always in a rush. Don’t even talk about sleeping together, many times there was no time to even sit and talk.

Thinking up to here, Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but let out a bitter laugh. This boyfriend of his was indeed no good. Wei Hua could tolerate him until now, it was already very rare.

Cheng Jinyu thinking of this, it was hard to avoid the pain in his heart. Although the moments where he met up with Wei Hua were little, but the two talked almost every day. Every day they would chat and no matter how late, Cheng Jinyu would send him a message every night in order to sleep.

After breaking up, Cheng Jinyu would lay down on the bed at night, holding his cell phone. Looking at Wei Hua’s number, it felt like his entire heart was hollowed out.

“Sister Hua, why aren’t the clothes here yet?  Washing utensils? Get completely new ones. Sister Liu, are the meals prepared? Still haven’t cooked, people are going to starve to death!” Suddenly Gu Bokai’s voice filled the space, it managed to break Cheng Jinyu out of his haze.

Cheng Jinyu felt that Gu Bokai was very excited. Although Cheng Jinyu did not know what he was excited about.

Gu Family did not lack in servants but Cheng Jinyu did not dare to trouble anyone else. He was also not a rich spoiled son that enjoyed a high position and comfort. Naturally did not need anyone to take care of him.

Cheng Jinyu rinsed and washed his face then put on a shirt. When he was putting on his pants, Gu Bokai pushed open the door and entered. Cheng Jinyu instinctively bent down and and covered up below.

“What are you doing? Can’t knock on the door?”

“It’s my room, I still have to knock?”

“But I live here now?”

“Which part of you haven’t I seen before? Last night you did a check up, I’ve already seen it.”

“Pervert!” Cheng Jinyu angrily said.

Gu Bokai seemed as though he was a bit embarrassed. His face twisted, “Everyone is waiting for you to eat, can you be faster? Going to wear pants but don’t know how to put them on?”

Cheng Jinyu felt that this person was really his enemy, only will oppose him. They were suppose to be married people, who would wait for them to eat?

“Don’t know.” Cheng Jinyu directly replied.

Gu Bokai walked into the room from the entrance and quickly arrived to Cheng Jinyu’s side. He reached out and pulled up his pants, “Can’t put on your pants and yet didn’t tell me earlier.”

Cheng Jinyu’s entire brain went blank. He… he… Gu Bokai unexpectedly pulled up his pants, pulled up his pants!

Gu Bokai not only pulled up Cheng Jinyu’s pants, he even crouched down to pull up the zipper and muttered to himself, “Do you know how many people are waiting for you? Intentionally, you definitely did it on purpose. Three year old children, no, two year old children know how to put on pants, you don’t know how! You are really amazing.”

Cheng Jinyu’s oxygen deficit brain was completely dead. Gu Bokai pulled up the zipper for Cheng Jinyu, then patted Cheng Jinyu’s lower part. “Too small, undernourished!”

“Get lost!” Cheng Jinyu raged, a scholar accepts death rather than humiliation.

Gu Bokai’s complexion turned dark. “Pulled up your pants and you don’t recognize people, your pants are still pulled up by me.”

Cheng Jinyu felt that he was going to go crazy, “Get out, Get out now!”

Gu Bokai heavily closed the door, leaving Cheng Jinyu inside the room taking deep breaths.

Cheng Jinyu felt that he opened a new world, he already thoroughly did not understand Gu Bokai. It was a good thing that this person liked Chen Yuze, Cheng Jinyu patted his own chest. “Be patient, be persistent.”

When Cheng Jinyu finally cleared his mind, he came out of the room. But walking outside, Cheng Jinyu was completely stupid.

Cheng Jinyu was in a room on the 2nd floor. He just walked to the entrance of the stairs and saw a group of women gathered at the bottom of the stairs in the hall.

“He came out, finally came out.” A gorgeously dressed women happily shouted, “You had us wait for a long time.”

“I see, is it Kaikai’s new wife? (2) Grew to be really handsome.”

“Is he a celebrity? So handsome!”

“An ugly wife also wants to see their in-laws, but you are so good looking. What are you doing, being so shy and embarrassed wont come out?”

Gu Bokai in the distance coldly replied, “Everyone has been waiting for you for 3-4 hours.”

Cheng Jinyu felt even more uneasy, subconsciously repeatedly said sorry, sorry!

But, there really were many people waiting downstairs. Cheng Jinyu was thoroughly confused. What is this for? What is this plot again?”

Cheng Jinyu did not respond yet when that gorgeously dressed woman already pulled on his hand and spoke, “Yes, it’s Jinyu right? I’m your youngest aunt.”

Saying this, several other women walked up. The youngest aunt smiled and said “This is 5th aunt, this is 7th aunt, this is 2nd aunt, this is eldest aunt, this is eldest aunt’s husband, this is 6th aunt’s husband, this is…”

Cheng Jinyu’s brain became bigger. Isn’t it a fake marriage? Wasn’t he the scapegoat? This room full of the aunts, what is the meaning?

At this time the face was unusually pale, but the very beautiful Madame Gu walked over. She smiled and pulled Cheng Jinyu’s hand and spoke, “Jinyu, our house has a lot of relatives. Slowly recognize them, what we have is time.”

Cheng Jinyu managed to squeeze out an awkward smile on his face, chimed in and nodded his head.

Madame Gu pulled Cheng Jinyu down the stairs, while introducing him to the relatives all around. Madame Gu had 8 sisters and she was the third sister. Father Gu had three younger brothers and a younger sister. Father Gu was the oldest. The distant relatives after that, Cheng Jinyu could not remember. Just these relatives already made Cheng Jinyu confused and disoriented.

Gu Bokai was in the middle of a group of younger brothers. He was unexpectedly standing and wearing a well ironed western suit. Although most of the Gu family were from high society, nevertheless Gu Bokai standing by their side was still very eye catching.

Gu Bokai from a distance saw his mother bringing Cheng Jinyu over. Cheng Jinyu’s face had a very awkward smile, hunched back, seemed as though he was very reluctant.

Gu Bokai immediately walked over. Towards Cheng Jinyu’s back he ruthlessly patted it, Cheng Jinyu immediately straightened his waist.

Gu Bokai stuck out his hand and hugged his neck, pulling him into his own arms. Laughing he spoke to everyone, “Last night tired him out, you guys understand. We, we are newly weds.”

Gu Bokai’s third uncle was an old but lecherous man, immediately shouted, “Kaikai, you take things a bit easier. Look at your wife’s skinny arms and legs, don’t make others go through hardships.”

“Kaikai is the most careless.  Doesn’t know how to love a person dearly at all.”

“Such a good wife, you must be good to others.”

These female matchmakers, each person had a phrase to say as they followed Gu Bokai’s path.

Cheng Jinyu huffed in anger and turned around to look at Gu Bokai. Last night he was turned around by doctors all night, at what time did he do wedding festivities with him.

Gu Bokai smiled and turned his head to look at Cheng Jinyu, very affectionately moved in closer to the front of his face. “Give me a happier smile, or else I’ll kiss you in front of everyone.”


“Don’t believe then try it?” Gu Bokai chose to watch Cheng Jinyu, seemed like he was waiting for him to say no. Cheng Jinyu couldn’t let him do that, he immediately gave out a flower like smile.

Cheng Jinyu’s flowery smile was honestly very good looking. It was like a radiant and enchanting sunrise, spring flower- warm and beautiful, as if also carrying a sweet fragrance.

Gu Bokai’s arm stiffened for a moment, instantly let go of Cheng Jinyu, turned around and walked into the crowd.

Cheng Jinyu did not understand what this insane person wanted to do, but the road afterwards was a lot smoother. He straightened his back and carried a brilliant smiling expression, it was like his entire body remoulded itself.

Just now there was some praise, most was flattery. But right now it was a bit more genuine and sincere. Afterall standing there perfectly straight was Cheng Jinyu whose appearance and smile absolutely would not lose to any young person.

  1. Eat like a wolf and tiger: idiom that means to gobble up
  2. Kaikai: nickname for Gu Bokai. Chinese people will take the last word of your name and repeat it as a pet name. It’s usually used on people younger than you.

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BAW- Chapter 18

Chapter 18- The thing that is worse than wetting the bed is…..


On the road back to the tent, Yan Mo gradually began to form a plan. As for whether implementing this plan would kill people or not, he indicated that it had nothing to do with him. He was merely the person pushing the boat along the current, nothing more. Even from the roots, this plan concerning Yuan Zhan and company had a greater benefit than his individual capabilities could obtain.

Arriving back at the tent, Yuan Zhan put down Yan Mo and saw that there wasn’t much Setose Thistle leaves left. Since he also had some matter that he needed to ask Cao Ting about, he went over next door to get a lot of Setose Thistle leaves.

Yan Mo laid down on the bed and partially relaxed, but he still didn’t dare to sleep right away and could only make great efforts to prop himself up.

Yuan Zhan came back, lit a torch, stuck it into the ground, pounded the setose thistle leaves to pieces, and helped Yan Mo deal with his leg injury.

During the process Yan Mo thought about opening his mouth several times, but seeing the other party’s ugly and ferocious expression he held himself back,

Right now was not a good time to open his mouth to play tricks, Yan Mo thought in his mind.

“Give me your hand.”

“Ng?” Yuan Zhan did not understand.

“Didn’t you injure your right leg?”

Yuan Zhan’s face instantly became icey, coldy replying, “That has nothing to do with you.”

Do you think I want to deal with it? Yan Mo lifted his own right leg and carefully laid it down straight. The left leg that was bent was in a good condition. Wiping the cold sweat that came out from pain, he sluggishly asked, “If I can cure my own leg, then I can take a good look at your leg. Don’t you want to have a try? Unless you want to keep having that leg burden you?”

“My leg already grew back fine. The bone has no problems. Master Qiu Shi said that I would feel an ache, it’s because the enemy cursed me.”

“You believe him?”

Yuan Zhan wanted to say that he did not believe him. He wanted to say the reason was because at the time the priest delayed too long to treat him, but his leg really did already grow back properly. Usually there was not a problem, only when using both legs for a long period of time or enduring hard circumstances would the ache appear. For this reason, he could not publicly complain about the priest, furthermore it wasn’t good to say his malicious remarks.

“I see your right thigh muscle developed similar to your left side. Two legs walking the road but there is not a clear difference, this indicates that your bones did not grow crooked. When you use it for a long time or overload your right leg it will feel an ache. There are a few possibilities. Exactly which one it is, I would need to give you a detailed examination to determine. I only need to know the definite cause of illness to be able to correctly diagnose and treat.”

This short speech, Yuan Zhan did not understand half of it, but he understood the vague meaning.

“You will treat an illness?” Yuan Zhan looked at the youth’s simple and unripe face and wasn’t too convinced. He really did sense that this boy possessed something out of ordinary, so much that he doubted that he was ever Yanshan tribe’s priest’s disciple, rather that he was a follower from a shrine in one of the three cities that secretly ran out.

Only like this would it clearly make sense, why this youth would have a magical hand capable of talents, and why he would know medical herbs and healing methods that even the priest did not know about.

But how old was this child? A 14 year old youth, if they studied special skills with a temple servant, then could surpass the oldest priest inside the tribe, Qiu Shi?

“Your healing ability is good, it does not mean you can heal others. Your precious Setose Thistle has no effect on me, my leg already grew back. Unless your blood, meat, and bones will vanish any injury or illness and restore it to the original?”

Yan Mo’s mouth twitched. Without the slightest doubt, if he dared to nod his head at the moment, the primitive man right in front of him would definitely immediately pounce on his body to cut his meat and eat to test it.

“Not just limited to Setose Thistle leaves, the things I know is definitely not less than that old man called Qiu Shi. If you don’t believe me you can go ask Master Da He and sister He Tu. Master Da He almost died and was actually saved by me.” In his heart, Yan Mo was utterly dejected.

He was an unrivaled medical expert who was praised as the youngest grandmaster of the world, when did he need to ask a patient to let him examine them? It was everyone else who would cry, shout, kneel, and offer up money in two hands to beg him for help, ok? If he wasn’t worried about the guide….why would he go save that stubborn, cruel, beats him, wants him as a slave, ominous, savage primitive man.

You think that I want to go out of my way to cure you?

“O?” Yuan Zhan appeared as though he didn’t take to heart what he said.

Fuck! What is that expression suppose to mean? I’ve already spoken to this extent and you actually still dare to doubt my medical ability?

You doubt my moral integrity, that’s no problem, but you cannot doubt my medical skill!

In Yuan Zhan’s mind he had a problem. He patted the youth and unexpectedly got up to visit the husband and wife. Regarding the situation of the juvenile saving Da He’s life, he already found out a bit from Cao Ting. But at that time he thought Cao Ting was exaggerating, so he wasn’t really convinced. Now seeing the juvenile pledge in sincerity, he couldn’t help but also think about going to see if the affair was really as the juvenile said. As it happens, he also had some things he needed to ask Da He. Was it appropriate to go so far to disturb that husband and wife’s family at this time, he did not consider this.

Yan Mo lied on the worn out broken pieces of fur that was put together into a bed. His complexion was incomparably gloomy. Since coming here, he had had not passed a single day in comfort and happiness.

“I want to give him treatment, he refuses to let me check. Then you cannot blame me.”  Looking at his right hand, it did not respond.

“The sky is already very late, even if he changed his mind, I’ll have to wait till tomorrow. I’m really too tired today, if he grudgingly let me check, I’m afraid I’ll diagnose wrong and overlook things.”

“I’m going to sleep, if you have an idea, best to state it now.”

Probably because he took initiative to ask the patient twice today, the guide, up to now still did not give him a punishment for seeing an injury and not saving.

Yan Mo suddenly had a thought: If my right hand was chopped off, then would the guide also disappear with it?

He really wanted to try it, but was also afraid that his right hand would never grow back.

Pity, if this matter happened to someone else’s body than that would have been good. That way he could think of a way to capture that person and run a set of detailed experiments.

For example cut off that person’s right hand, see if it would appear on their left hand. If it appeared, then would also cut off the left hand, see if it would appear on other parts of the body, and so on. He was very curious on where this guidebook exactly came from and what body area.

And also, if this parasitic body part died, then would the guidebook also disappear? Or did the guidebook have a way to let the parasitic part be incapable of death?

Yan Mo really wanted to die once and try it, but he was genuinely afraid that he couldn’t die. At the time, he could only enjoy the pain of death without being able to enjoy the peace and tranquility brought by death. Altogether, he felt that this scum property compared to the more important Transformation Guide was definitely capable of putting out this kind of super tasteless matter.

If I die right here, not sure whether or not the guidebook would also conclude? He very much wanted to ask the guidebook on this question.

Remembering that he still had two more chances to ask a question, Yan Mo was a bit hesitant. Altogether there was only 3 chances to ask a question, he already used it once, only two tries left. As a person who liked to maximize benefits, he didn’t want to waste his last two chances on something that he could figure out himself.

Mhm, better not to ask. In this absurd primitive society, even if he didn’t make a move, his chances to die are plentiful. At that time, he would figure out if he can actually die or not.

Yan Mo waited a bit more. He was so sleepy,but he didn’t want to sleep like this. He was not feeling well, also did not want others to feel well.

Yuan Zhan finally came back. Arriving back he noticed the juvenile had a guarded and questioning gaze.

Yan Mo looked at the youth. He didn’t keep talking about treating his illness, rather he snatched the moment before the opposite party could open their mouth. In addition, carried an even more pressing matter to the youth.

“I know where to find salt.”

Finished speaking he thoroughly loosened up. This relaxation caused the person to immediately fall into a coma and sleep.

“What did you say?!” A hand covered in calluses swiftly caught him, too bad after shaking him for a long time the person didn’t wake up.

At the beginning Yan Mo was still conscious, but pretending to be asleep really did make him fall asleep. Miserable him, managed to endure the entire day was not easy. This entire day, he was not only forced to do that, also had no choice but to break off his already healed leg to survive. Afterwards also had to drag his injured bleeding leg in order to be on good terms with that old cunning priest and fight a battle of wits. After coming back with difficulty he not only had to treat himself, also had to worry about that stubborn, short tempered bastard and his recurring illness…

All kinds of torment, he not only did not collapse, could also carry out a sensible analysis and cheat someone right before passing out. Was really regarded as a role model with strong willpower, he admired himself right?

“Yan Mo! Get up….” Yuan Zhan saw the juvenile’s miserable appearance and couldn’t shake him anymore. He didn’t think the juvenile was pretending, only really couldn’t sustain anymore.

Forget it, just wait to ask him tomorrow. With a full stomach Yuan Zhan lied down in his own bed, but it was exactly as Yan Mo predicted, the entire night Yuan Zhan did not sleep well.

The next day, Yuan Zhan was up early in the morning roasting meat. It actually caused Yan Mo to greedily wake up in hunger.

After waking up, he felt that he wasn’t in the right head. Conveniently rubbed his butt, result…. Tragedy, he unexpectedly leaked all over the bed and didn’t realize.

“Woke up?” Yuan Zhan heard movement from outside and asked.

Yan Mo calmly put down his hand while using a hand to spread out the hay. He lacked experience. Before applying the medicine, he should have cleaned the inside properly first and not just only carelessly rub the surface and conclude the situation. To be ashamed, it was not necessary over here!

Yuan Zhan entered, smelled a stink and moved in closer to look. He immediately ridiculed him,  “How did you get it on the bed? How old are you?”

Yan Mo had a gloomy face.

Yuan Zhan completely did not think it was his problem, also did not think it too dirty. He lifted the juvenile, and even smoothly patted his butt, walked outside to clean him.

Outside there were already people moving about, none of the people passing by on the road thought their actions were strange. They would also not spare them a second glance.

Having cleaned Yan Mo, he put him besides the water jar. Yuan Zhan entered and tidied up the juvenile’s bedding’s, he rolled it up and threw it at the entrance of the tent.

“This time I managed to exchange for an intact good hide. I’ll enlarge the bed, from now on we will sleep together. Winter is here, it will be warmer with two people pressed up together. All these furs are too worn out. I originally  left them with plans to use them near a fire during the winter.”

Yan Mo said he did not care, but in the end he couldn’t pull his feelings off his face. Pretending to look at his own wound, he lowered his head and refused to acknowledge the youth.

What? Yan Mo looked and was stunned.

His healing speed seemed to have increased.

Before his injury, plus the two days he was unconscious,  to until he was cured, in total took around 7 days. How many days would it take this time?

Yan Mo looked at his wound. According to the extent of the wood and some time conversion, if his guess was correct, he felt that it would probably only take 3-4 days, then he could stand up and walk again.

What is going on? His body….

Yan Mo did not feel joyful, he only felt scared. He even thought that if this body could keep up with the nourishment, then from now on would his healing speed become even faster?

At the time Yuan Zhan turned around, he immediately used the straw rope to tighten the wooden board

How long could he hide this from the youth? Before he could think of a way of controlling this youth, the sooner the other party knows the better.

“Last night you said you knew where to find salt?” Yuan Zhan ripped a piece of the freshly roasted meat and gave it to Yan Mo, his voice pressed down very low.

Yan Mo peeked at that piece of meat, then still picked it up.

“Yan Mo?”

Yan Mo lifted his head and smiled. In a similar low voice he replied, “Beloved Master, did you forget that I’m a Yanshan tribesman?”

T/N:  I’m going to use “juvenile” for Yan Mo and “youth” for Yuan Zhan from now on. I realized I kept calling them both “youths” and it would get confusing after awhile. The author does keeping calling them youths since YM is 14 and YZ is 17.

I feel like I have people at my door with pitchforks and torches since I haven’t updated in awhile. I’m trying QQ This chapter just felt so difficult to me for some reason… Also, I’ve reached the end of my free chapters from the main site. I’ve seen that there’s another site that offers them all for free but all the chapters are a little off and I kind of like the main site. I’ll see how much the chapters cost and if it’s not crazy expensive I’ll stick with it.

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